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The Duchess Ten Cane Trinidad 11 2008 11yr 63%

RX7155 Very good Pot Still Rum 232 bottles Under 250€
“Complex, fruity, spicy rum with a harmonious, robust body.”

Introducing the Trinidad 11, a limited release rum crafted at the Ten Cane distillery in Trinidad and selected by independent bottler The Duchess. Distilled using a Pot Still in 2008, this rum delights rum enthusiasts with its 11-year aging process and a robust 63% ABV. With only 232 bottles in existence, this rare gem offers a complex nose filled with grapes, raisins, sour cherry, currants, and fruity scents. The palate presents flavors of sour cherry, banana, spice, and milk chocolate, creating a harmonious, full-bodied experience. Users particularly enjoy the perfect balance between fruity and spicy notes, while highlighting its complexity and well-integrated alcohol. The Trinidad 11 is a treasure for aficionados who appreciate aged agricoles and intricate flavors, making it an exceptional addition to any rum collection.

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How does this rum taste?

The Trinidad 11 by The Duchess presents a complex harmony of dried fruits, spices, and a noticeable bourbon cask influence. Its robust proof offers warmth, while the diverse tasting experience ranges from red berries and chocolate to subtle woodiness, albeit with some finding a sulfuric note off-putting.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Grapes Raisin Sour cherry Red fruits Currants Fruity


Sour cherry FullBodied Spice Complex Woody Banana


Tannins Currants Grapefruit Salty Milk chocolate Woody

Community reviews

8.5/1036 ratings
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“the nose is gigantic! Sour cherry, red grapes, raspberry, currant, cinnamon and again this typical rose, mango and sandalwood note in the background🌹🥭in the taste then incredibly harmonious, spicy and complex.Cherry, raspberry, red grape, currant, cocoa, milk chocolate, cinnamon fruit bread with candied grapefruit zesten and ginger, slightly salty notes to it and the rose resonates beautifully in the background without dominating and rounds off the whole wonderfully.... Partly but also a little wet cardboard and a lot of wood the longer my sample is open. all in all a terrific Ten Cane. Who likes old Agricoles a la j bally 2000 will come here fully at his expense!quite great cinema!❤️🇹🇹🤘”


Cardboard Sandalwood Cinnamon Raspberry Cherry


Cardboard Sour cherry Tannins Oak Milk chocolate
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“Reassessment compared to other Ten Cane not better: -5 points.Very nice consistency between nose and taste: the sour cherries and black currants are dominant. Then comes the brown sugar, prune, raisins and notes from the barrel. The 63% is noticeable but not distracting and well integrated. Very complex rum with many nuances! Finish is medium long and again in line with the nose and taste.”


Sour cherry Raspberry Raisin Round Brown sugar


Sour cherry Grapefruit FullBodied Brown sugar Prunes
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“This is a rum with which I struggled a long time very hard, now I'm thrilled and the bottle is empty.🤤😭 Now I fell in love with the profile and even recognized my notes from February.It is a very berry rum: in the nose plums, blackberries, cherries, in the mouth red fruit jelly, ripe cherries, in the finish plum jam. The wood brings astringent tannins and the intense spice of roasted garam masala (lots of cinnamon, allspice, some cloves, cumin). The slightly agricultural side, of fresh sugar cane remains perceptible, but in the background. The only downer is the rabid alcohol, which blocked my enjoyment at the beginning.”


Synthetic Plum Raisin Woody Currants


Sour cherry Berries Blackberry Plum Tannins

Expert reviews

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Pot Still Rum
Cask number
Pot Still
11 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

233 €
Ø Market value

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About the Ten Cane distillery

The Ten Cane distillery is located in Trinidad. Rums from Ten Cane have been reviewed 534 times with an average of 8.3/10.

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