With RumX we want to share our passion and let others experience the exciting world of Rum.

RumX was launched out of the heart of the German rum scene in 2018 by Oliver Gerhardt (back then still under the name Rum Tasting Notes).

In 2021, RumX was born and replaced Rum Tasting Notes since the functional scope of the app had grown significantly beyond just being a tasting diary.

Today, RumX consists of a core team of two people and a group of freelance partners for UX, service design and data analysis.

Picture of the RumX team

Meet the team

Oliver Gerhardt started RumX (then called Rum Tasting Notes) as a hobby project in 2018. He is responsible for the technical conception and implementation of the apps (iOS and Android) and the RumX website. The project has evolved over the years from an after-work project and Oliver has been working full-time on RumX since April 2022.

Jakob Schellhorn joined the core team at the beginning of 2021 and is responsible for product management and marketing. He contributes to the development of RumX on a part-time basis and adds his skills in the areas of Customer Experience and Growth to the team.

In addition to this core team, we receive exceptional support from various freelancers who help us make RumX what it is today. Special mention goes to Marcus Rottschäfer, who develops the recommendation algorithms through his excellent machine learning skills, which are used for instance to determine personalized recommendations or rums that taste similar. Furthermore, we would like to thank Theresa Plos for the major redesign. She revamped the look of the app, the website and the logo in Summer 2022 and gave RumX a new face.

Special thanks also go to Benoit Bail-Danel, who accompanied Rum Tasting Notes from October 2019 to January 2021. Together with Oliver, he took part in the start-up accelerator programme Sandbox at the Stuttgart Media University and has helped to significantly expand the partner ecosystem and user base through his valuable network. A special thanks also goes to Vincent Kesel, who has played a major role in the development of the long-awaited Android version of Rum Tasting Notes in the summer of 2020.

Presentation of the core features

Sandbox Startup Accelerator Pitch


Provider of the website and app

Oliver Gerhardt
Reinsburgstraße 164A
70197 Stuttgart


Phone: 0711-56611222
E-Mail: info@rum-x.com
Website: www.rum-x.com
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