Why you will love the RumX App

Ready to elevate your rum experience? The RumX app is far more than just a website; it's like having a seasoned rum connoisseur right in your pocket. With extensive reviews, quick search options, and a lively community, the RumX app is your all-in-one destination for all things rum. Don't settle for less—scroll down to explore our key features and unlock the full rum experience today!

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Review platform for 20,000+ rums

Unlock the world’s richest rum database with the RumX app. Currently featuring 20,433 distinct rums, our extensive collection goes beyond just mainstream offerings to include exclusive single cask and small batch releases.

Wondering what sets a particular rum apart? Our vibrant, independent community has already contributed over 189,760 tasting notes to help you grasp the essence of each bottle. Skip the endless Google searches, varied shop reviews, and blog hunts; find everything you need in one place. Make informed choices and avoid buyer's regret forever.

Plus, finding your next rum is a snap with our built-in barcode scanner — making your rum discovery journey as seamless as possible.

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Your personal tasting assistant

Unveil the full spectrum of flavors in every rum with our advanced tasting wizard. This feature-rich tool offers a guided journey through each tasting stage — from appearance and aroma to palate and finish. Get tailored advice or forge your own path, making every sip an educational experience.

  • For beginners: Receive real-time tips as you taste, informed by insights from other users. Learn to discern intricate flavors and qualities in a fun, interactive way.

  • For Seasoned Connoisseurs:Enjoy complete flexibility in logging your impressions. Use intuitive sliders and characteristic tags for quick input, and delve deeper with personalized comments.

No matter your level of expertise, our Tasting Assistant ensures you'll capture every nuance. Record your experiences in a personal tasting diary and share your impressions with the community, so you'll always remember which rums made you smile.

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Your digital rum collection

Tired of forgetting details about your rum bottles? With your digital rum cabinet, you'll easily remember when, where, and for what price you bought each bottle. Plus, you get useful stats about your collection.

The standout feature? You get real-time price estimates for your bottles, and these aren't just guesses. We use real sales data from trusted auction houses to give you accurate values.

Keep everything neat by listing both your full bottles and any samples you have. This helps you see what you've got and what you might want to try next.

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