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Trinidad is a small Caribbean Island in the Lesser Antilles and is located close to the venezuelan coastline. After discovery in 1498 by Christoph Columbus the island remained first under spanish control, but passed the lead around 30 times between spanish, french, british, dutch and courlandic rulers. The United Kingdom gave Trinidad its independence in 1962. The diverse origin of its inhabitants gave birth to a particular culture of which carnival is an essential element. It is also noteworthy that two languages coexist on the island: French and Creole.

When the British occupied the island in 1797, they also brought the sugar industry and its by-product rum with them. So Trinidad still produces rum in the british style (pot-still, rather heavy) until today.

Today Trinidad only has one operating distillery left, Trinidad Distillers Ltd. (T.D.L), which was founded in 1949. The distillery is part of the Angostura company, which is famous for their aromatic bitter used in many cocktails.

The island also is the home of the world-famous Caroni distillery, which closed its doors in 2002 after 84 years in operation. The Caroni rums are known for their unique dirty style and are very sought after on the collectors market, causing the prices to skyrocket for a few years with no end in sight.

Trinidad rum is known for its rather complex taste, with notes of herbs, tar, leather and burned caramel. Beginners could try out the various TDL bottlings by independent bottlers to get an impression of Trinidad rum such as the Plantation Trinidad 2009 (RX9683) or the Rum Artesanal TDL 2002 (RX7783).

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Flavour profile of Trinidad rums

With RumX you can record your tasting impressions. The RumX community has discovered the following flavor profile:

Nosing associations

Vanilla Tar Rubber Woody Caramel Leather Tropical fruit

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Tar Woody Rubber Vanilla Caramel Leather Barrel

Finish associations

Woody Tar Rubber Barrel Oak Smoky Vanilla

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