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Find out what a rum tastes like before you purchase by exploring over 189,000 rum reviews.

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Rate and remember every rum you try. Learn how to develop your tasting skills.

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World's largest rum database

Our database is the largest of its kind, featuring a wide range of rums from all corners of the globe, such as Jamaica and Barbados. Whether you're a fan of the legendary Guyana rums from Velier, the trendy Caroni distillery, or household names such as Plantation, Hampden, Foursquare, and Ron Zacapa, we've got you covered.

189,973 rum reviews

20,445 rums

402 distilleries

480 bottlers

Looking to purchase? Our database of 189,000 trusted reviews and ratings is complemented by a growing rum marketplace with 4,785 offers from reliable shop partners. So whether you're searching for a specific rum or keen to explore new tastes and trends, RumX is your one-stop destination. Start exploring now:

Search all 20,445 rums Best rums in the world

Spotlight: Top rums of the month

Every month, we highlight rums that are trending now. Check out our monthly review for the top-rated picks. Looking to discover something new? This is your quick guide to what's hot in rum right now. Don't miss out!

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Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Absolutio


64 ratings


Velier • Foursquare
2009   15yr   62%   €€€€

Community opinion:

“Exquisite balance, rich flavors, perfectly integrated alcohol, exceptional craftsmanship. Fantastic!”

Short RumX logo19670

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Rumclub Private Selection Ed. 44


39 ratings

Rumclub Private Selection Ed. 44

Spirit of Rum • T.D.L
2002   21yr   58,4%   €€€

Community opinion:

“Complex, herbal, fruity with minty freshness; excellent, balanced, unique.”

Short RumX logo17278

Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Plantation Sealander


96 ratings

Plantation Sealander

Maison Ferrand
40%   €

Community opinion:

“Tasty blend, sweet cinnamon, vanilla, coconut. Great for beginners. 7.5/10”

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World's largest rum community

Follow your friends and renowned bloggers to stay updated on new rum highlights. Share your tastings, earn likes, and even join forum discussions on hot rum topics. Whether you're an expert or a newcomer, RumX is your ultimate hub for all things rum. Connect, discover, and chat - join the world's largest rum community today!

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Your personal rum assistant

Step into the world of RumX and learn how to elevate your rum experience to the next level.

  • Interactive Tasting Wizard: Become a rum-tasting expert. Our wizard walks you through the nuances of flavor, aroma, and finish, helping you appreciate each bottle like a seasoned connoisseur.
  • Track Your Tastings: Never forget your rum experiences again. RumX lets you log and revisit each tasting, ensuring you remember which rums captured your palate and which ones didn't.
  • Digitalize Your Collection: Turn your physical rum shelf into a digital showcase. Log each bottle and track its market value. Perfect for both casual enthusiasts and serious collectors.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Receive customized shopping suggestions that align with your taste profile based on your past favorites and purchases, making it easier for you to find rums you will love.

Discover, taste, collect, and shop smarter with our free RumX app.

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Your personal shopping guide

With RumX you get the best of two worlds: Detailed rum reviews and a place to buy them, all in one app.

  • Buyer's Guide: Sort by country, price, and ratings to find your next perfect bottle.
  • Easy Checkout: No need for multiple accounts. One RumX login gets you access to all our partner shops.
  • Get Inspired: Check out our expert picks or find new favorites based on what you already like.

Own your own online rum shop? Partner with RumX to showcase your rums to thousands of passionate rum lovers. Contact us today to get your shop and products featured on our platform and expand your reach like never before.

🌟 Why We're Different 🌟
See a rum you like? Read reviews, check out its taste profile, and if you're sold, buy it right here in the app. One RumX account works for all our partner shops, so shopping is a breeze.

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Logo of the blog: Single Cask Rum

Had you asked me about a year ago what Rum is truly missing, I probably would have said a proper, functioning database. With the RumX App it is finally here and its functionalities leave little to be desired.

Single Cask Rum

Logo of the blog: Who Rhum The World

Curious beginner, confirmed amateur or strong collector, this application will allow you to remember your tasting notes and compare them with other members of the community, all with an intuitive and fun interface.

Who Rhum The World

Logo of the blog: Le Blog A Roger

Nice application that allows me to manage my acute collection and to share my different impressions of the rums tasted ...

Le Blog A Roger

Logo of the blog: Le Blog A Roger

RumX is a comprehensive, informative database that is very helpful when researching bottlings and managing your own collection. The community is friendly and supportive: you stay informed about the release of rarities and special rums are shared. In addition, there are often reports from trade fairs, festivals, tasting events, trips and distillery tours. All of this makes RumX the best app of its kind that I know of.


App user

Logo of the blog: Le Blog A Roger

I love exploring tastings in RumX, finding parallels to myself, and connecting with a community that values enjoyment and friendship. The detailed information on my own collection and tastings is a highlight. I'm proud to be a part of this amazing community. Top notch!

Saibot Ztar

App user

Logo of the blog: Le Blog A Roger

RumX is simply a treasure trove for every rum lover and has become the site I visit most often every day.


App user

Logo of the blog: Le Blog A Roger

RumX is the tool for all rum enthusiasts, enabling them to extend their passion and become part of a real community.


App user

Logo of the blog: Le Blog A Roger

As a rum enthusiast, I find RumX indispensable for its comprehensive database and personal tracking features that enhance my tasting and collection experience. The app's user-friendly interface, coupled with its vibrant community and responsive developers, makes it an essential tool for anyone passionate about rum.


App user

Logo of the blog: Le Blog A Roger

RumX is easy to use and boasts a treasure of rum-related information. It has subsequently evolved into an integral part of my personal rum journey. The ability to reference the app has quickly become a reflex when looking for details about a certain distillate, allowing me to pre-educate myself before buying, and/or post-educate myself about perceivable aromas. Simply an invaluable tool for learning.


App user

Logo of the blog: Le Blog A Roger

I find RumX to be the go-to app for everything rum-related: you can get an overview of your tastings, manage your own collection, view current prices and get the latest news and info in an open and friendly forum. All of this, and more, in a very user-friendly app.


App user

Logo of the blog: Le Blog A Roger

I'm impressed with the app's bottle splits feature. It saves effort and postage, and I appreciate the respect in our community. It even let me try a high-end bottle I wouldn't usually buy.


App user


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