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Dràm Mòr T.D.L Single Cask Rum 2009 13yr 58%

RX16152 Very good Single Cask 305 bottles Under 100€
“Rich mint and peach notes, complex and pleasantly surprising.”

Experience the exquisite "Single Cask Rum" from the T.D.L distillery, selected by Dràm Mòr. Distilled in 2009 and aged for 13 years, this limited release of only 305 bottles boasts a robust 58% ABV. Users highlight its unique minty and menthol notes, complemented by rich flavors of dried fruit, peaches, and mango. The aroma also reveals hints of cocoa and a subtle smokiness. On the palate, expect roasted nuts, citrus, and tobacco, with a finish that blends woody and lightly spiced elements. This rum is noted for its refreshing profile with a distinct combination of mint and fruity nuances, leaving a lasting impression for rum enthusiasts. Perfect for those who appreciate complex, well-aged rums.

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How does this rum taste?

Single Cask Rum by Dràm Mòr offers a unique blend of mint, peach, and spice with hints of cocoa and roasted nuts. Pleasantly surprising for a 2009 TDL, its fruity aroma and fresh mint notes make it a standout.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Minty Peaches Dried fruit Mango Cocoa Caramelized


Minty Dried fruit Roasted Peaches Woody Black tea


Minty Menthol Fresh Peaches Woody Smoky

Community reviews

8.4/1035 ratings
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“The 2009 TDLs are developing more and more into the little brother of the 2003 vintage. I wonder what influence the cask has on the heavier, minty aromas. They are much more pronounced here than in the Plantation OTL or the LMDR. The nose is in line with my favorite TDL profile: ripe peach, mango, mint and a nice mix of spice and chemical flavors. Really surprisingly ripe and beautiful for a 2009. The mouth continues similarly, with the typical black tea, citrus and some tobacco. I have now tasted it against the Caksus CDI 2003 and it would probably be hard to tell the difference blind. The fruit is clearer and brighter in the CDI 2003, the aromas in the Dram Mor are less defined and the finish lacks the intense, very long mint. So far the best 2009 I've tasted. I'm pleased that the heavy TDLs are not limited to the 2001-2003 vintages. Update: tasted again against the TWJ 2009. The rums are the same. Extremely similar, the 5% more alcohol does not affect the TWJ, the TWJ is a shade darker with more brown caramel. Update: Three times TDL 2009, all three released within a year. I've had Dram Mor and TWJ together in the glass before and could hardly tell them apart. The three rums are also extremely similar in the rest of the tasting. The Dram Mor brings a little more acidity in the mouth, the FRC is the biggest fruit bomb with an intense mango note, the TWJ is very similar to the FRC, a little wilder in the mouth. In the end, the same score for all 3. A super batch, very tasty!”


Peaches Mango Fresh Minty Cognac


Peaches Mango Minty Polish Unknown
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“Wonderful bottling, as a fan of mint and menthol notes I really get my money's worth here. I really like the combination with peach and black tea. I'm delighted with how TDL has developed in recent years.”


Minty Peaches Mango Berries Vanilla


Dried fruit Minty Woody
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“Der erste meiner 2009er TDL am heutigen Abend. Und der Start mit dem Dram Mor ist schon mal sehr gut. Die frische Minzaromatik setzt sich von der Nase bis zum Abgang durch. Ebenso die Fruchtigkeit des Pfirsich. An der Nase nehme ich auch einen Hauch Rauchigkeit wahr. Zu der Rauchigkeit kommen am Gaumen noch etwas Röstigkeit sowie Schwarztee und Kräuter hinzu. Der Abgang wird zum Schluss leicht bitter. Ein Vergleich zu den 2003er Abfüllungen ist hier definitiv gegeben”


Minty Fresh Peaches Apricot Smoky


Minty Peaches Roasted Black tea Herbal

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Cask number
Made from
13 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 100€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

91 €
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About the T.D.L distillery

The T.D.L distillery is located in Trinidad. Rums from T.D.L have been reviewed 3,900 times with an average of 8.3/10.

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