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Afro-Caribbean Rum Grays Equiano 8yr - 10yr 43%

RX4754 Good Pot & Column Still Rum Under 50€
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How does this rum taste?

The Equiano blend offers a well-rounded, subtly sweet experience with hints of tropical fruits, vanilla, and spices. Ideal for both novices and connoisseurs seeking a good value rum that bridges the gap from sweet to more complex profiles.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Woody Vanilla Honey Dried fruit Orange Sweet


Woody Caramel Sweet Dried fruit Barrel Vanilla


OrangePeal Woody Vanilla Sharpness Spicy Oak

Community reviews

7.3/10123 ratings
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“Had a retest led by the co-founder Mr. Ian Burrell during the Pre-party to Sweden Rumfest at Cane Rum Society in Stockholm which confirmed my earlier review. The added picture is from the first test. ——————————————-Bought 2*3 cl of this rum, a blend from Mauritius (Gray’s) and Barbados (Foursquare). It’s good, but I expected more cause it’s Richard Seale and Ian Burrell that’s behind it. Overall I think it’s a quite great rum, but a little too weak. It’s unsweetened, but there are some sweetness so I think it maybe could be something for people who likes sweet rum that want to develop their rum drinking into less sweetened rum.”


Chocolate Fruits Coffee Coconut


Fruits Chocolate Coconut Coffee Tobacco
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“A really solid middle ground rum - probably won’t be appealing to fans of sweet rums but fall a little flat for those in search of unique complexity. Still, this collab between Grays and Foursquare is notable as a really solid piece of work for a reasonable price. Citrus and tropical fruit, light and crisp, spicy sweet - this has understated complexity. Bonus for the fact that no sugar or colorants are added.”


Dried fruit Woody Butterscotch


Raisin Sweet Spice
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“A blend of rums from the Grays and Foursquare distilleries. The nose is more on the Bajan side, with shredded coconut, vanilla woodiness, dried fruit, spiciness and very sweet notes of caramel and brown sugar. It's hard to escape the Foursquare influence here. This is less true on the palate, with an attempt at the Mauritian profile, with a similar tone: sweet and caramelized, with spices and fruit accompanying a little dryness on the palate. Round and soft, but without great depth or complexity. The alcohol is well attenuated by the reduction. The finish is of medium length, very much focused on the Foursquare. It's dry, with oak, chilli and pepper on the finish, contrasting with the sweetness of coconut and vanilla. As beautiful as the story of this rum, which refers to a former slave who made a success of selling rum, may be, the product itself struggles to free itself from its one-dimensional, simplistic side, unfortunately.”


Woody Vanilla Caramel Honey Dried fruit


Barrel Dried fruit Raisin Tropical fruit Caramel

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Pot & Column Still Rum
Made from
Pot and Column Still
8 years - 10 years
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 50€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

36 €
Ø Market value

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About the Grays distillery

The Grays distillery is located in Mauritius. Rums from Grays have been reviewed 1,596 times with an average of 7.8/10.

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