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There are 56 rums from the Grays distillery in the RumX database.

Popular independent bottlers of Grays

Flavour profile of Grays

75 /100230 ratings

With RumX you can record your tasting impressions. The RumX community has discovered the following flavor profile:

Nosing associations

Vanilla Woody Fruity Spice Caramel Apple Banana

Taste associations

Vanilla Fruity Sweet Woody Spicy Citrus Caramel

Finish associations

Woody Fruity Spice Spicy Oak Dry Vanilla

Top rated rums from Grays

Bottle image of New Grove Emotion
New Grove Emotion
1969   47%




Bottle image of S.B.S Mauritius
S.B.S Mauritius
2008   10 years   55,7%




Bottle image of
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