The best rums in the world

Money is not an issue? These are the best rated rums in the RumX community! True liquid history...


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum SWR


27 ratings
Velier • Skeldon
1978   27yr   60,4%   €€€€

Top review from Giorgio Garotti

"Over the years that I have been passionate about this distillate I have always dreamed of tasting this legendary rum!And today I too can be part of those people who have had the privilege of doing so!I don't know if perfection exists but this rum definitely is!Really intense in flavors and smells!You can perceive everything sharply!The finish is endless!Chapeu!"


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum SP - ICBU


30 ratings
Velier • Uitvlugt
1988   17yr   52,9%   €€€€

Top review from Giorgio Garotti

"What can I say about this uitvlugt 1988!A poem!Rich, intense full of scents!The best uitvlugt I've ever tasted for now!"


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Rum Artesanal Barbados Rum Rockley Style BBR


60 ratings
Rum Artesanal Barbados Rum Rockley Style BBR
Heinz Eggert GmbH • West Indies
1986   34yr   53,7%   €€€€

Top review from Johannes

"Benchmark Rockley! ❤️A liquid dream!Compared to the SS, Nobilis and Plantation, it has both the best nose and the best palate. Very nice roundness, alcohol top integrated, some smoke, but overall a honey monster!"


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Jamaica C<>H


19 ratings
Jamaica CH
The Rum Cask • Hampden
1990   26yr   61,9%   €€€€

Top review from Adrian Wahl

"I am incredibly grateful to be able to drink this sample. Thank you @ Saibot Ztar. I was hoping the 94 would drop and it would beat the Nobilis 93. But alas, on both the palate and the nose, it's not enough. 92 is still legendary...but I expected even more. In direct comparison with the TRC30 for me on par."


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum 39th Release (The Last) Heavy Trinidad Rum


126 ratings
39th Release (The Last) Heavy Trinidad Rum
Velier • Caroni
1996   23yr   61,9%   €€€€

Top review from Oliver

"Incredibly complex and yet easy sipping. A real Caroni highlight!"


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum PM


15 ratings
Cadenhead‘s • Uitvlugt
1964   36yr   70%   €€€€

Top review from Johannes

"Wow! Just an incredibly complex PM with wonderfully balanced plum and wood notes! Probably the best continental Port Mourant I know!"


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum The Spirit of Art REV


29 ratings
The Spirit of Art REV
Valinch & Mallet • Enmore
1994   26yr   52,5%   €€€€

Top review from Jakob

"According to the current state of my personal REV king. Pronounced plum notes and subtle tobacco accompanied by noble dark notes of leather, licorice and wood. The comparison of the 1994 REVs is the rum version of the clash of the titans - who has something for the heavy sweetness, the trenchant plum notes and the tart barrel influences that make up this Marque, has certainly great joy in the cross-comparison as I do. And depending on individual taste, other frontrunners are definitely possible here - in the overall package, I see the V"


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum No. 2 C<>H


40 ratings
No. 2 CH
Nobilis Rum • Hampden
1993   27yr   65,8%   €€€€

Top review from Benoit Mahe

"Un très grand Hampden continental, j'adore. "


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Destino Richard Seale


22 ratings
Destino Richard Seale
Velier • Foursquare
2003   2yr - 12yr   61%   €€€€

Top review from Jakob

"To date, the most impressive testimony to the quality Foursquare is capable of producing. Aging in former Madeira barrels brings a perfect flavor complement to the usual Foursquare profile and puts the Destino in a different league than the bulk of other Foursquare bottlings. Excellent."


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Gardel 1982 - Rhum Agricole


10 ratings
Gardel 1982 - Rhum Agricole
Cadenhead‘s • Gardel
1982   20yr   57,8%

Top review from Kevin Sorensen 🇩🇰

"This is also an older tasting and at the release the price was very good compared to what you got. This rum is heavy, really heavy and it hits you as soon as you open the bottle. I'm not a certain but I made a note that I thought there was a hint of raisin in there. The nose is heavy on roasted wood with tar, molasses and some nuts. The palate is heavy, very complex and extremely well balanced with lots of roasted, even burnt wood actually, tar, molasses and a hint of mint. The finish goes on forever and has lots of roasted/burnt wood and tar. The note I have is that the colour was beautifully dark, bomb of a nose and heavy curtains in the glass."


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum J. Bally Millésime 1998


25 ratings
J. Bally Millésime 1998
LMDW • Saint James
1998   17yr   59,1%   €€€

Top review from Oliver

"One of the best rums from Martinique!"


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum 60 Years HERR


22 ratings
60 Years HERR
LMDW • Savanna
2006   10yr   63,8%   €€€€

Top review from Jakob

"The reference in Savanna HERRs and the quintessence of the Grand Arôme profile. Intense, unique - an experience."


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Velier 70th Anniversary


51 ratings
Velier 70th Anniversary
Velier • Neisson
2005   12yr   51,3%   €€€€

Top review from Oliver

"Insanely great Agricole. My reference from Martinique!"


Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Montebello Rare Rhum Vieux


10 ratings
Montebello Rare Rhum Vieux
1948   42yr   55%   €€€€

Top review from Jakob

"Completely different league than all other Montebellos known to me - it should of course also be noted that it is in the comparison field in terms of distillation vintages a difference of more than three decades. What is offered here, however, is simply sensational: In the nose already of breathtaking depth with heavy fruits, fresh cola aroma and floral notes, the bouquet thickens on the palate to an oily texture with chocolaty sweetness, heavy fruitiness, excellent spice and perfectly balanced wood influence. Whatever Carrere (or whoever - the exact origin is still rumored) did differently than today: Play it again, Sam!"