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Saint James Rhum Blanc Pure Canne Biologique 2020 56,5%

RX9800 Good Rhum Agricole AOC Under 50€
“Delightfully complex, fruity, herbal; superb value for an organic sip.”

Introducing the Rhum Blanc Pure Canne Biologique, a fascinating rum hailing from the Saint James distillery in Martinique. Distilled in 2020 using a Creole Column and boasting an ABV of 56.5%, this rum features the delightful aroma of sugarcane, floral, fruity, fresh, and grassy notes. The flavor boasts a balanced combination of floral, dry, vegetal, and sugary essence with a hint of alcohol. According to user reviews, this rum offers an excellent price to quality ratio and is an outstanding agricole rum perfect for sipping neat or enjoying with a zesty citrus twist. Be prepared for a surprising and enjoyable rum experience.

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How does this rum taste?

A well-crafted organic rum with a great price-quality ratio, it features fresh cane, citrus, and spice notes. Ideal for sipping or in a Ti Punch, it's complex, vibrant, with a long finish that defies its modest cost.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Sugarcane Floral Fresh Fruity Grass Spice


Floral Vegetal Dry Sugarcane Alcoholic Peppery


Vegetal Sugarcane Floral Peppery Olive Dry

Community reviews

7.9/1031 ratings
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“Toller, runder Rhum Agricole. Hervorragend im Ti Punch.”


Fresh Sugarcane Fruity


Dry Floral Vegetal
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“Un rhum blanc bio bien élaboré, qui offre au nez de belles notes vertes, florales, mentholées et herbacées, des arômes d’agrumes et une trame légèrement épicée. Un profil globalement assez complet et attirant au nez. L’attaque en bouche est suave. Elle fait preuve d’une belle rondeur. Les notes fraîches, terreuses et végétales de la canne à sucre se conjuguent aux zestes de citron et au poivre pour un ensemble cohérent avec le nez. C’est assez classique mais très gouleyant. C’est un rhum parfait pour contredire les personnes qui estiment que le rhum blanc est condamné à rester un produit bas de gamme. La finale est d’une belle longueur, sur le même registre que le nez et le palais. La verdure et les épices hausse le ton de cette finale assez vive. Si d’autres distilleries se démarquent un peu mieux sur l’exercice du rhum blanc premium, on saluera le prix très raisonnable de cette cuvée de Saint James, qui se détache ici de son étiquette de rhum de supermarché.”


Grass Floral Sugarcane Fresh Spice


Floral Vegetal Dry Sugarcane Peppery
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“I’m still very new to agricoles and whites and try to sample what I can to learn more about them. I’m glad to have tried this one but I wouldn’t buy a bottle.”

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Rhum Agricole AOC
Made from
Sugar cane juice
Creole Column
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 50€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

36 €
Ø Market value

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About the Saint James distillery

The Saint James distillery is located in Martinique. Rums from Saint James have been reviewed 2,959 times with an average of 8.2/10.

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