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New Yarmouth S.B.S Jamaica (RX9402)

Discover the Sensationally Smooth, Tropical 26-Year-Old Masterpiece

Discover the exquisite taste of the limited-edition S.B.S Jamaica, a 26-year-old rum hailing from the renowned New Yarmouth distillery. Selected and bottled by 1423 World Class Spirits, this marvelously matured gem stands out with its rich, delicate, and savory profile. With only 308 bottles released, this rare column-still molasses masterpiece boasts an incredible array of enticing flavors and aromas. Indulge yourself in the tropical nose of this exceptional rum, featuring coconut, banana, and toffee notes, with subtle hints of solvents and glue. Embrace the luscious palate that offers a harmonious dance of coconut, vanilla, dark chocolate, oak, and creaminess, creating a beautifully rounded and creamy experience. This lavish and complex rum surprises with its distinctive and gentle taste, devoid of the usual Jamaican ester notes. Instead, it presents an intensely fruity and smooth profile, reminiscent of a funky Guyanan rum. The luxurious combination of caramel, toasted nuts, chocolate, and hints of eucalyptus sets it apart from other New Yarmouth rums, making it a must-try for rum connoisseurs. Unleash the unparalleled sipping experience of the S.B.S Jamaica, with its long-lasting finish highlighting the delightful chocolate, hazelnut, caramel cream, coffee, licorice, and vanilla notes. Allow yourself to be captivated by this incomparable, delicately aged 1994 rum, boasting a 57% ABV and an irresistibly gourmand character.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of S.B.S Jamaica is based on 57 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

S.B.S Jamaica is an exquisite rum, expertly aged for 26 years. Its refined tropical palette of chocolate, toffee, almond, and dominating coconut notes blend harmoniously, creating a smooth, creamy savor that's delectably rich and delightfully sweet with a warming, long-lasting finish.

Reasons to buy

  • Tropical nose with coconut, banana, toffee
  • Harmonious palate, creamy experience
  • Long-lasting, delightful finish

Nosing impressions

Coconut Banana Glue Solvents Toffee Marzipan Dark chocolate Tropical fruit Vanilla Barrel

Taste impressions

Coconut Vanilla Dark chocolate Oak Creamy Caramel Tropical fruit Sweet Spicy Round


Spicy Woody Vanilla Coconut Oak Soft Syrupy Roasted Caramel Warm

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How do experts rate this rum?

In depth reviews, tests and tasting notes from reputable rum bloggers:

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.7 /1057 ratings

Community Rating

Already 57 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.7 out of 10. A total of 8 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„Unusually much coconut for a NY1994. Nice power and still quaffable. Pleases me very well!“


Coconut Glue Marzipan Balanced Banana


Coconut Ginger Creamy Sweet Dark chocolate
Profile picture of user

„Unfortunately, the barrel seems to have struck quite here, relatively roasty and bitter.“


Tropical fruit Oak Toffee Green pepper Mirabelle plum


Charred Coffee Black pepper Ginger Vanilla
Profile picture of user

„This one is really good and despite the age the wood is not overly dominant. Fruity with spices, lovely caramel and leather and some chocolate in the background. Should have bought a few bottles when still available 😊“


Caramel Sweet Leather Orange Dried fruit


Sweet Caramel Dried fruit Woody Vanilla
Profile picture of user

„Unlike other bottlings of the New Yarmouth 1994, the variant from SBS is a) diluted and b) has clearly pronounced coconut aromas. The rum is extremely creamy and pleasing for 57% by volume. The prominent coconut note makes it interesting, though I miss the ester notes that are so typical of Jamaica. This bottling seems more like a funky rum from Guyana than a smooth Jamaican. It is very smooth.“


Coconut Dark chocolate Toffee Barrel Banana


Coconut Dark chocolate Vanilla Dried apricot Toffee
Profile picture of user

„Super quaffable. I like the 94 NY. The SBS has more coco like the VM, the RA is more intense and overall for me still a bit better than SBS and VM.“


Glue Coconut Dark chocolate Spicy CookieDough


Honey Dark chocolate Coconut Spicy Vanilla
Profile picture of user

„Un superbe New Yarmouth qui se veut riche, délicat et savoureux. Le nez se pare de fruits exotiques (banane, noix de coco) avant de laisser place à quelques notes de solvants et de colle très légères. Le boisé est fin, fondu dans le décor dont les épices, le chocolat et les noisettes grillées font office d’ornements. Un nez qui laisse songeur. L’attaque en bouche est exquise. La noix de coco ouvre le bal, puis viennent des notes boisées et épicées intenses, chaleureuses et pimentées, avant qu’une gourmandise extrême n’envahisse le palais : le chocolat, l’amande, le toffee, le massepain, les notes de miel et de crème au caramel confèrent une douceur insoupçonnée à ce profil qui se veut intense caractériel de prime abord. La finale est très longue, axée sur cette même gourmandise qui fait son succès : chocolat, noisette, crème au caramel, café, réglisse, vanille et des notes légèrement toastées font le bonheur des papilles. Un rhum au plaisir interminable, qui même avec quelques degrés de moins que les autres profils, laisse rêveur.“


Tropical fruit Coconut Banana Woody Spice


Tropical fruit Coconut Woody Coffee Mocha
Profile picture of user

„Dadar gulung in liquid. caramelized coconut chips with baked banana in perfection. extremely tasty and different from many other 94s new Yarmouths! mega intense and very tasty, but also a bit charred and barrel-heavy, bitter in the finish. But overall definitely the sweetest and fruitiest of them all!“


Coconut Banana Dark chocolate Burnt sugar Toffee


Coconut Dark chocolate Ginger Caramel Banana
Profile picture of user

„Color: ChestnutSmell:Chocolate, toffee and especially coconut.Taste:Sweet and aromatic, round and creamy. At the same time fruity and delicious. Flavors of coconut, chocolate and toffee with sandalwood.Finish:Medium lengthSpicy88 points.“


Dark chocolate Toffee Coconut Sweet Fruity


Sweet Round Creamy Fruity Delicious
Profile picture of user

„Excellent. Very greedy, very pastry-like, no fruity funk. Alcohol very well integrated. Very round and well patinated by the years without being marked by eucalyptus and menthol. Just great.“


Almond Solvents Ester Coconut Tobacco


Almond Coconut Tobacco Pastries
Profile picture of user

„A genuine pastry 😋“


Vanilla Butterscotch Coconut Woody Licorice


Pastries Butterscotch Vanilla Coconut Cigar
Profile picture of user

„At first it seems a bit strange that the expected ester notes don't want to come up at all, but once you get into it, you get a really good, round rum here.“


Coconut Banana Alcoholic Spicy Toffee


Oak Vanilla Creamy Dark chocolate Tropical fruit
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„The alcohol is better integrated compared to the 94 Rum Artesanal, but the finish is a bit flat and short.“

Profile picture of user

„A very great Jamaican. Before tasting and smelling necessarily let the glass stand a few minutes. It is gentle and not too intrusive but still full of character and length. Melting, creamy after coconut.“


Coconut Glue Solvents Toffee


Vanilla Creamy Dark chocolate Coconut
Profile picture of user

„A New Yarmouth of a somewhat different kind! Not the full ester power, rather restrained, but very pleasantly soft... a feeling of summer sets in with the pleasure! Delightful!“


Coconut Marzipan Soft


Glue Vanilla Creamy Mild Honey
Profile picture of user

„also not classic new but should be considered though 2k“


Apricot Walnut Marzipan


Honey Ginger Dried apricot

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What are the key data of the rum?

Made from
Column Still
26 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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S.B.S Jamaica (Rombo Edition) NYE/WK

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Image of the front of the bottle of the rum S.B.S Jamaica <>H


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S.B.S Jamaica H

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Image of the front of the bottle of the rum S.B.S Jamaica 2019 -  PX Cask Matured (DOK) DOK


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S.B.S Jamaica 2019 - PX Cask Matured (DOK)...

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Image of the front of the bottle of the rum S.B.S Jamaica 2019 -  Madeira Cask Matured (DOK) DOK


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S.B.S Jamaica 2019 - Madeira Cask Matured (DOK)...

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Image of the front of the bottle of the rum Flensburg Rum Company The Bottle Shop


30 ratings

Flensburg Rum Company The Bottle Shop

Oldman Spirits GmbH • New Yarmouth
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Image of the front of the bottle of the rum S.B.S Jamaica 2019 - Bourbon Cask Matured (DOK) DOK


8 ratings

S.B.S Jamaica 2019 - Bourbon Cask Matured (DOK)...

1423 World Class Spirits • Hampden
2019   51%   €

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About the New Yarmouth distillery

The distillery New Yarmouth is located in Jamaica. Rums from New Yarmouth have been reviewed 1,357 times with an average of 8.8/10.

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