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Worthy Park & Hampden & Monymusk Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish (RX9290)

Introducing the Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish rum, a Jamaican blend produced at the Worthy Park, Hampden, and Monymusk distilleries. Selected and bottled by the independent bottler Navy Island, this rum has been distilled from molasses using a Pot Still, with an ABV of 46.3%. Boasting an aroma of dried fruit, raisin, caramel, cherry, and ester, its flavors reveal hints of chocolate, raisin, oily notes, fruits, and banana. Community members appreciate the rum's fruity and estery taste, the oily and thick texture, and the presence of wood and vanilla undertones. However, some found it slightly unbalanced, with a dominating sherry note. Overall, the Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish offers an enjoyable and affordable rum experience.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish is based on 20 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum.

Nosing impressions

Dried fruit Raisin Caramel Cherry Ester Woody Sherry Banana Vanilla Rubber

Taste impressions

Chocolate Raisin Oily Fruits Banana Woody Nutty Ester Cherry Sherry


Spicy Cocoa Vanilla Fruity Woody Banana Sherry Raisin Alcoholic Metallic

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

7.8 /1020 ratings


Already 20 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 7.8 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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Buon rum ad un prezzo contenuto. Non ben equilibrata la parte alcolica e profumi poco decisi per quello che cerco io in un rum. La parte più debole di questo rum risiede nel palato.


Caramel Woody Grapes


Chocolate Woody
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A lovely rum especially thinking about the price tag. Low price and high quality. The nose is fruity with ester, wood and rubber trailed by vanilla, mint and a hint of grass. The palate is oily/thick and fruity with wood, chocolate, ester and vanilla. Once rested the is a bit of grass in there as well. The finish is medium to long with wood, fruits and some vanilla. Rest for at least 15 minutes to release all the flavours.


Mango Raisin Woody Rubber Vanilla


Raisin Fruits Banana Woody Oily
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WP dominiert klar, Hampden kann ich eigentlich nicht rausschmecken (wahrscheinlich OWH). Insgesamt dünn und eher nichts sagend.

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riecht nach KiBa und Sherry :D geschmacklich dann eher KiBa, Sherry und etwas dunkle Schokolade mit Haselnüssen und Cornflakes. im Abgang bleibt die Kakao, Sherry und Bananen Note aber auch etwas leicht alkoholisch und metallisches kommt dazu was den Abgang etwas anstrengend macht. insgesamt ist mir die Sherry Note auch zu dominant. ich glaube navy island wird einfach nicht meins...


Caramel Sherry Banana Cherry Raisin


Banana Raisin Chocolate Cherry Oily
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Finition vin qui change bien le goût mais sans plus

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What are the specs of this rum?

Made from
Pot Still
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 50€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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About the Worthy Park & Hampden & Monymusk distillery

The distillery Worthy Park & Hampden & Monymusk is located in Jamaica. Rums from Worthy Park & Hampden & Monymusk have been reviewed 95 times with an average of 7.0/10.

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