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Twelve Whisky d’Aubrac Rhum Rare Nicaragua & Jamaica 43,5%

RX9080 Good Under 50€
“Beautiful blend, warm and smooth with a nice Jamaican touch.”

Discover the harmonious blend of the Rhum Rare Nicaragua & Jamaica, meticulously selected and bottled by Twelve Whisky d'Aubrac. This unique rum captivates with its intriguing aroma of polish, caramel, vanilla, and a hint of esters and peaches. The palate offers a symphony of caramel and vanilla sweetness, accentuated by subtle varnish and the refreshing taste of peaches. Crafted with exceptional skill, this blend showcases the best of both worlds - the warmth and roundness of Nicaragua's rum combined with the robust heart of Jamaican spirit. This rum represents a seamless fusion that is approachable yet complex, catering to those seeking a smooth and refined drink that is easy to enjoy. Unlock a new tasting experience that bridges two distinct rum traditions.

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How does this rum taste?

Rhum Rare Nicaragua & Jamaica is a smooth blend with warm, fruity notes and a hint of ginger. While some find it a bit mellow and caramel-heavy, others love its balanced, approachable taste. A solid choice for easy sipping.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Polish Peaches Plum Citrus Hay Grass


Caramel Vanilla Peaches Pear Ginger Raisin


Young wood Walnut Sap Bitter

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“Un coeur coulant Jamaicain dans un bon caramel du Nicaragua. C'est plutôt agréable. Réduction qui le rend très accessible mais qui diminue un peu la complexité du rhum. Très cool pour démarrer la dégustation de la gamme.”


Caramel Vanilla Ester Polish


Caramel Sweet Vanilla Varnish
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“Encore un très beau blend bien fait de chez twelve. C'est moins mon truc que les assemblages guyana ou Barbade + Jamaïque mais c'est très bien fait. Ça plaira sans souci à quelqu'un qui recherche un produit plus doux et plus facile à boire qu'un blend très typé et fort en alcool.”

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“Fin de salon Rhum Fest 2024, un peu compliqué, Pas très marquants vs mon réunion/jam que j'ai à la maison.”

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43 €
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