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Albert Michler Distillery Old Bert Jamaican Spiced (Recipe No. 120) 40%

RX8798 Pleasant Navy Rum Under 50€
“Sweet, fruity, rich, and perfect for desserts or sipping.”

Old Bert Jamaican Spiced (Recipe No. 120) by Albert Michler Distillery offers a sweet, rich experience. Distilled from molasses with an ABV of 40%, its aroma captivates with tropical fruit, molasses, spice, cinnamon, and a hint of ester. The flavor profile features distinct notes of brown sugar, caramelized sugar, milk chocolate, and coconut. While some find it overly sweet, its dessert-like qualities and complex, layered profile make it enjoyable for those who favor sweet rums. Ideal for enhancing desserts, its smooth, rich body and sweet, nutty finish make it a versatile addition to any rum collection. Embrace the Jamaican essence with this spiced rum, perfect for sipping or pairing with a cigar.

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How does this rum taste?

Old Bert Jamaican Spiced (Recipe No. 120) is a sweet, dessert-like rum with strong notes of vanilla and tropical fruits. Ideal for those who enjoy sugary twists on classic Jamaican flavors. Perfect for desserts and sipping.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Tropical fruit Molasses Spice Spicy Cinnamon Creme brulee


Brown sugar Burnt sugar Caramelized Milk chocolate Coconut Sweet


Syrupy Mild Nutty Cappuccino Thick Woody

Community reviews

6.6/1023 ratings
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“Abschreckend. Wenn der Abgang nicht wäre, der irgendwie nach Grasschnitt schmeckt, wäre diese Spirituose bei mir komplett durchgefallen.”

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“Mild, süß, lieblich, rund … fast schon ein Schokoladenlikör und dennoch jamaikanisch – spannend 04.2024 Erster Eindruck: Süßrum Nase: Süße Banane, Ananas, Vanille, Mango, Zitrone und ein bißchen Gummi/Ester Gaumen: auch hier wieder viel Süße, die jegliche Röst/Rauch/Holzaromen komplett überdeckt, Vanille Abgang: kurz, süß, schwach Fazit: zum Aufwerten von Desserts, als Likörchen oder als Ersatz für jamaikanische Rum-Creams (z.B. Wray & Nephew, Worthy Park, Rum Bar)”


Spice Molasses Creme brulee Spicy Cinnamon


Milk chocolate Soft Funky Cinnamon Brown sugar
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“Retasted at friends party. My initial score was way too high. Nothing wrong with the 👅 and I agree with ehat I said earlier but boy it is sweet. Overly sweet so I am pulling 7 points down. Original review: Have you ever wondered how would a great Jamaican rum taste like if you add sugar? Weird question I know but if you did, than Old Bert is the answer. You can definitely tell that this is a Jamaican rum although well hidden behind a lots of sugar and spices. Same goes for the taste. If you are not the purist and you enjoy something sweet in world of rum from time to time instead of cakes, sweets etc, (I know that I do) you will love this one. It is really sweet but you can still feel that characteristic Jam taste but somehow enhanced by all that sugar and spices and its great with cigar.”


Spice Spicy Cinnamon Funky Sweet


Sweet Cardamom Vanilla Cinnamon Soft

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Navy Rum
Made from
Bottle volume
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Under 50€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

20 €
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