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New Yarmouth The River Mumma (RX8199)

146 EUR

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Very good Single Cask Under 250€

The River Mumma, a Jamaican rum produced at the New Yarmouth distillery, was distilled in 2005 from molasses and bottled by independent bottler Vidya. With an ABV of 61.5%, this cask strength rum boasts aromas of citrus, nail polish, and tropical fruit. On the palate, it offers flavors of pineapple, citrus, passion fruit, vanilla, and mango. Users appreciate its high ester funkiness, balance, and complexity. Described as an intense and fresh rum with a symphony of flavors, The River Mumma is highly esteemed within the rum community for its delightful ester profile and satisfying finish.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of The River Mumma is based on 24 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The "River Mumma" is an absolute delight radiating an extreme ester profile and an audacious fusion of overripe tropical fruits, marzipan, polish, and oak. Its high ABV harmoniously integrated, it bursts with freshness and a lingering finish making this high-ester rum accessible and enjoyable.

Nosing impressions

Citrus Nail polish Tropical fruit Fresh Ester Pineapple Polish Honey Orange Banana

Taste impressions

Pineapple Citrus Passion fruit Vanilla Bitter orange Mango Ester Intense Nail polish Minty


Oak Allspice Peppery Salty Varnish Fresh Espresso Roasted Young wood Intense

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.9 /1024 ratings

Community Rating

Already 24 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.9 out of 10. A total of 4 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„This one was the odd one out at the tasting and what a way to close the evening. A very fresh and fruity rum once rested. The balance between the flavors is almost a perfect symphony and I like how well the ABV has been integrated. The flavours were there from opening and pouring and the empty glas was really nice at the end of the evening.“


Fresh Ester Citrus Pineapple Grass


Woody Citrus Pineapple Vanilla Grass
Profile picture of user

„The nose already makes a clear announcement: Ester full blast! Marzipan, fermented fruit and nail polish. The palate is insanely intense with tropical, (overripe) fruits, varnish and marzipan. With a few drops of water, the nose opens up again and the (brut) rum becomes more approachable. Wow, this high ester rum is really fun!Great representative of Funky New Yarmouth! Since I look forward to a cross-tastings with the rums of CDI.“


Polish Citrus Tropical fruit Pineapple Fresh


Citrus Pineapple Passion fruit Vanilla Varnish
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„Here my expectations were met 100%. The 2 additional years in the barrel round off the already very horny 2005 new Yarmouth very much, here are almost no corners and edges more to find and becomes extremely Süffig! Banana bread“


Nail polish Polish Honey Fresh Tropical fruit


Chocolate Cappuccino Salty CookieDough Passion fruit
Profile picture of user

„ester level in the red range 😜 This is then also confirmed by a look at the Vidya website: Marque NYE/WM, so on par with HD C<>H. So it comes across on the nose, fermented fruit, sour buttermilk, and neat nail polish. The fine pastry notes that are often added to the high-ester HDs, I can't find here, unfortunately. The palate is less brute, more spice (somehow also spice like peppernuts) and wood barrel. The finish is quite 'digestible' compared to the often quite sour HD high-ester colleagues ... I like it overall!“


Fermented Citrus Buttery Nail polish Pineapple


Spice Barrel Mango
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„87 points. Very nice nose with a ton of flavors. Even more flavors in the mouth but rather easy sipping. A great NY with tons of nail polish, fermented fruits and a good dose of esters.“


Tropical fruit Citrus Nail polish Fresh Ester


Pineapple Passion fruit Citrus Bitter orange Mango
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„Nose: full can of esters! Glue and (overripe) pineapple. A few drops of water make the rum seem rounder.Mouth: very warming with a bitter fruitiness. The barrel is noticeable here. The flavors from the nose repeat powerfully, great!Finish: nice smooth transition to dark chocolate with candied orange peelAn extremely powerful Jamaica rum. I could just smell it for hours, very tasty!“


Overripe Pineapple Medicinal Alcoholic Citrus


Bitter orange Pineapple Chocolate Alcoholic Bitter
Profile picture of user

„An absolute top rum! New Yarmouth of the finest kind!“


Citrus Tropical fruit Vanilla Ester Solvents


Vanilla Ester Allspice Ginger Passion fruit
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„A very seductive rum, a beautiful tropical fruit salad.“


Ester Fresh Tropical fruit Citrus Nail polish


Mango Pineapple Passion fruit Fresh Nail polish
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„Nose is very good with High-Ester notes of polish and a bit of oak. Palate is very sour. Finish is long.“


Ester Tropical fruit Nail polish Banana Oak


Passion fruit Bitter orange Citrus Yellow fruits Minty
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„Love it, love it! Need more!“


Pineapple Papaya Nail polish Orange Ester


Pineapple Intense Barrel Ester Bitter orange
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„Blenders Glass.Balance 22Total 89Nose: herbal, fresh, citrusy, fruity 23Taste: aggressive and young, it is better to add a couple of drops of water. With water and the flavor becomes brighter and the taste reveals. Mint, lime, herbal bitterness 22Finish: long, fresh (citrus), spicy (pepper) 22“


Grass Fresh Citrus Fruity


Minty Citrus Grass
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„Nose of acetone , rum ,slight honey , Small bit of oak . 2nd nosing canned peaches in the background 1st tasting front palletter Oranges , more acetone , FUNK Mid pallete Oak and Jamaican heaven Finish Goes on for a long time , more fruity notes with high powered finish of rum“

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What are the key data of the rum?

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Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

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About the New Yarmouth distillery

The distillery New Yarmouth is located in Jamaica. Rums from New Yarmouth have been reviewed 1,343 times with an average of 8.8/10.

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