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West Indies Rum Artesanal Barbados Rum (Rockley Style) (RX7785)

Savor Exquisite Rockley Style: Dried Fruit & Smoky Bliss

Discover the captivating flavors of Rum Artesanal Barbados Rum (Rockley Style), a delightful 21-year-old rum hailing from Barbados, crafted at the renowned West Indies distillery. Selected and bottled by the esteemed independent bottler Heinz Eggert GmbH, this limited release offers enticing notes of honey, smoky wood, dried fruit, and herbal touches, making it an enchanting choice for rum connoisseurs. This exceptional rum offers an inviting nose that unveils an appealing mix of honey, smoky wood, vanilla, and herbal nuances. Its satisfying palate unveils a delightful blend of woody, smoky, roasted, and dried fruit flavors, skillfully capturing the signature Rockley style. With its robust and well-rounded finish, this cask strength rum at 47.1% ABV is perfect for sipping and savoring. Indulge in this unique taste of Barbados, renowned for its rich complexity and delightful aroma. With only 320 bottles available worldwide, the Rum Artesanal Barbados Rum (Rockley Style) is an exclusive and unforgettable experience for those who appreciate the finesse of a finely crafted rum. Don't miss your chance to add this exquisite gem to your collection and embrace the alluring charm of Rockley's distinctive flavor profile.

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1 offer available for 169.90 EUR:

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Rum Artesanal Barbados Rum (Rockley Style) is based on 51 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

Barbados Rum Artesanal (Rockley Style) provides a unique tasting experience with intriguing honey-bee wax notes and a distinct smoky undertone. While generally enjoyed, some felt it lacked power due to its relatively low ABV. A solid sipper for its age and price.

Reasons to buy

  • Honey, smoky wood, and vanilla aromas
  • Delightful woody, smoky palate
  • Robust, well-rounded finish

Nosing impressions

Honey Smoky Vanilla Herbal Woody Glue Olive Honeycomb Coconut Dried apricot

Taste impressions

Woody Honey Smoky Roasted Dried fruit Nutty Thin Mild Metallic Olive


Woody Spicy Minty Tannins Tea Hay Cocoa Olive Black tea Saffron

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.3 /1051 ratings

Community Rating

Already 51 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.3 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„The Cave Guildive is more complex and powerful in comparison. The RA seems somewhat watered down by the 47.1%. The finish is extremely long and beautiful. Reminds me of a Fiji rum. The typical honey note is there, but not quite as present.“


Dried fruit Honeycomb Roasted Woody Smoky


Dried fruit Honey Nutty Spicy Ester
Profile picture of user

„This is a good WIRD but obviously less tasty than 1986 vintage.“


Vanilla Honey Pastries Mineral Smoky


Vanilla Lemon Metallic Honey Pastries
Profile picture of user

„Dried fruit throughout in a smoky bed coated with honey on the palate and some marzipan on the nose. In principle, but has little to do with the 1986 forest walk in terms of taste.“


Smoky Coconut Dried fruit Marzipan Vanilla


Smoky Woody Honey Dried fruit Salty
Profile picture of user

„beautiful honeycomb Rockley nose. Also on the palate, the interplay of honey and oak barrel harmonizes really well. The finish is round (spicy). However, it lacks a little complexity and intensity for a top note.“


Honeycomb Honey Vanilla Coconut Glue


Honey Roasted Thin Oak
Profile picture of user

„Needs a quite some time to breath. Nose starts out rather closed up with a lot of (bitter-ish) herbs with notes of honey, coco and fruits developing over time. ABV is a little low on this one. Does not feel to much watered down, however, the CG bottling of the 2000 has just the upper hand with enhanced intensity. Nevertheless a very nice rum at its initial price tag.“


Honeycomb Honey Vanilla Barrel Glue


Honey Smoky Dried fruit Mild Salty
Profile picture of user

„Ja, es ist kein 86er, aber der Stil kommt deutlich heraus, und das gefällt mir. Nase: vordergründig etwas Graphit mit ein wenig Phenol und dieser schönen Salzigkeit. Ich finde Frucht in Richtung getrockneter Aprikose und eine würzige Honig-Note mit Bienenwabe. Hinten raus getrockneter Rosmarin und ein leicht vinegarer Unterton von eingelegter Olive. Gaumen: am Anfang ein leicht verwässerter, flacher Eindruck, kommt aber dann schön mit seinen speziellen Aromen. Wieder leicht salzig und dann frisch geschnittenes Geäst, Eichenlaub, Graphit, etwas frische Minzblätter, getr. Aprikose. Gefällt!!“


Salty Glue Dried apricot Honey Honeycomb


Salty Young wood Dried apricot Minty Honeycomb
Profile picture of user

„Solid Rockley. Light and accessible. It lacks some power for a higher rating.“


Honey Funky Marzipan Smoky Olive


Honey Smoky Mild Woody Diluted
Profile picture of user

„The nose is rather in the restraint! We find notes of honey, smoked, tobacco, fruits and vanilla! The mouth is creamy and greedy. It draws on vanilla, woody, smoky and like a touch of olive. The finish is on peppery chocolate but lacks length for a rum of this caliber. I'm happy to have tasted it because I own a bottle, but I admit I have to think about its future. Because it disappointed me a bit. Not that it is bad, but it is too sweet for my taste. I am far from the pleasure of tasting the WIRD 1986 from Nobilis!“


Honey Vanilla Smoky Honeycomb Glue


Honey Woody Smoky Roasted Thin
Profile picture of user

„I would have liked this one with a higher ABV because it is kind of thin around the edges. The nose is fruity with smoky wood and herbal, honey and light vanilla notes. The palate is mild with smoky wood, dried fruit, honey, nuts, chocolate and light vanilla. The finish is medium long and woody with vanilla and chocolate. Leave the empty glass for a few hours and then nose it again to get the lovely chocolate and vanilla notes. Price to quality is OK.“


Smoky Vanilla Woody Herbal Honey


Smoky Woody Mild Honey Nutty
Profile picture of user

„Die günstige Abfüllung des Q4/2021 Releases. Nachdem das Jahr mit einem Kracher in Form des Rockleys startete, nun der kleine Bruder. Sehr einladende Nase, wirkt angenehm leicht auf den ersten Atemzug, allerdings wird schnell doch eine tiefere Komplexität deutlich. Schönes Potpourri an Aromen. Am Gaumen zeigt er eine etwas andere Seite: überraschend holzig-bitter für „nur“ 21 Jahre (vs. 35 des 86er). Leider doch sehr dünn, so dass er im Vergleich zur Nase sehr flach wirkt. Abgang länger als erwartet. Sicherlich das beste PLV aus dem Release, aber geschmacklich kein Highlight für mich.“


Honeycomb Honey Smoky OrangePeal Herbal


Honey Woody Roasted Thin Oak
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„Mein erster Rockley. Meine ersten Assoziationen: Whisky und Fiji. Die Nase hat fast nichts von Barbados. Hinter heftig würzigem Honig vor allem Getreide, Rauch und grüner Tee, dann etwas Kernobst und Lake ähnlich wie bei kontinentalgereiften Guyanas. Die Nase ist ganz schön. Ein Nacht im abgedeckten Glas hat in nochmal deutlich weicher gemacht. Fijis erinnern mich im Mund manchmal an verrottendes Gemüse. Das ist zwar bisschen eklig, aber geil. Hier hatte ich für einen kurzen Moment gammligen Fisch im Mund. Das war nur eklig - zum Glück ist davon nur eine leichte Modrigkeit geblieben , aber der Eindruck verfolgt mich. Dafür Lake, Oliven und leicht rauchiger Whisky. Da geht eher wenig. Abgang ist mild mit ähnlichen Noten und dem Tee aus der Nase. Ich trinke lieber Fiji ohne Whisky 🤷‍♂️.“


Honey Smoky Cereal Tea Apple


Olive Salty Musty Whiskey Smoky
Profile picture of user

„Die Gene sind unverkennbar... mir aber zu wässrig... leider“

Profile picture of user

„Interessanter Tropfen. Hab ständig diese Mate Tee Verbindung, auf jeden Fall sehr floral der Kollege. Leider ein wenig schwach auf der Brust. Er ist schon lecker, kann aber den Hype um WIRD nicht ganz verstehen.“


Herbal Smoky Woody Dried apricot


Honey Thin Smoky Roasted Salty
Profile picture of user

„Typical Rockley representative, but rather from the form as I do not like it so.has something of rotten, wet and rotten wood.... In addition, there is intense saffron (if you know the aroma), some other herbs and wood again and of course strong honeycomb honey notes, but it seems altogether very watered down and thin. Can not imagine with the best will in the world that ne barrel strength should be. This saffron note is new to me but and is extremely exciting!“


Honeycomb Honey Smoky Musty Olive


Honey Saffron Roasted Diluted Smoky
Profile picture of user

„Mein erster Rockley und er hinterlässt bei mir einen zwiespältigen Eindruck… Einerseits ein vielversprechendes Profil, andererseits fehlt ihm das gewisse Etwas… Vielleicht komme ich ja mal in den Genuss diesen mit der vollen Volumenzahl zu tasten, um mir ein echtes Bild machen zu können !“


Vanilla Honey Banana Musty


Mild Nutty Dried fruit Allspice Licorice

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What are the key data of the rum?

Rum Artesanal
Cask number
Made from
Pot Still
21 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

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About the West Indies distillery

The distillery West Indies is located in Barbados. Rums from West Indies have been reviewed 2,264 times with an average of 8.0/10.

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