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CDI Savanna Reunion (Selected by Rum Stylez) Grand Arôme 2008 12yr 58,3%

RX7675 Very good Single Cask 106 bottles Under 250€
“Astonishing complexity, explosive fruity funk, surprisingly smooth high-proof sipper.”

The "Compagnie des Indes Reunion (Selected by Rum Stylez)" is a distinct and limited-release rum, hailing from Reunion's Savanna distillery. Distilled in 2008 from molasses and aged for 12 years, this cask-strength rum boasts an ABV of 58.3% with only 106 bottles available. Users praise its complex and captivating aroma that combines woody, smoky, caramel, olive, and apple notes. On the palate, this rum delivers a strong, peppery flavor profile, featuring olive, pineapple, and tropical fruit elements. Reviewers describe it as an explosion of flavors, well-integrated with its alcoholic strength and offering a balanced and enjoyable experience. They admire its captivating blend of fruity esters and floral notes, combined with its Hampden cask finish that adds a layer of depth and complexity. Overall, this rum is highly regarded for its unique and engaging characteristics.

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How does this rum taste?

A stellar hit, the Reunion Grand Arôme marvels with funky olive, menthol, and tropical fruit notes, blending robust wood and smoky hints. Its powerful yet harmonious flavors culminate in a complex, exhilarating finish—a truly exceptional indulgence.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Woody Smoky Olive Apple Caramel Tropical fruit


Peppery Olive Strong Pineapple Tropical fruit Chocolate


Tobacco Grass Cocoa Apple Minty Pineapple

Community reviews

8.8/1035 ratings
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“Very good Savanna!”


Tropical fruit Glue Caramel Complex Olive


Strong Olive Tropical fruit Intense Strawberry
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“❗💥🇷🇪WOW! What a blast, long had nothing more under the nose what goes so in different directions.... The Jamaica Hampden barrel which was used for the "finish" makes itself very noticeable here in any case and brings a completely new dimension of complexity. One moment strawberry and pineapple, then again smoke and caramel, then again some candied apple and grape jelly, then freshly baked brioche with apricot jelly and after a long time to breathe join again notes of dried olives, tomatoes, peppers and chili and some thyme to it, underpinned by a menthol...In the taste then similar only not quite so vegetable, alcohol content extremely well integrated and dangerously drinkable... an absolute explosion in the mouth! The really fun!🤤”


Olive Pepperoni Strawberry Brioche Syrupy


Ester Tomato Olive Chocolate Pineapple
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“Interessant, komplex und schwer zu fassen. Viele florale, kräutrige Noten. Trifft nicht hundert Prozent meinen Geschmack, aber trotzdem ein spannender Rum, der den Spagat zwischen fruchtigen Estern und floralen Noten schafft. Gegen Ende macht sich das Finish in Hampden-Fass schön bemerkbar und bringt einen Hauch des typischen Aromas in den Mund.”


Apple Hay Minty Thyme Nutmeg


Grapes Herbal Minty Mineral Dirty

Expert reviews

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Cask number
Grand Arôme
Made from
12 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

145 €
Ø Market value

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About the Savanna distillery

The Savanna distillery is located in Reunion. Rums from Savanna have been reviewed 3,678 times with an average of 8.3/10.

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