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Diamond Savalle Still ICBU (RX7536)

The Savalle Still ICBU is a 12-year-old rum produced at the Diamond distillery in Guyana and bottled by That Boutique-Y Rum Company. Distilled from molasses, this cask strength rum has an ABV of 57.8% and is limited to 406 bottles. Users describe the aroma as featuring young wood, raisins, dried fruit, and milk chocolate. The flavor profile includes ginger, raisins, caramelized Demerara sugar, and a creamy texture. Community members appreciate that it's a smooth, easy sipper with a good balance between sweet and fruity notes, making it an accessible and enjoyable introduction to the world of Demerara rums. Some note, however, that it might lack complexity and a deeper, darker character found in other Guyanese rums. Overall, it is well-regarded and recognized for its excellent value for money.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Savalle Still ICBU is based on 13 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The Savalle Still ICBU is an accessible and relaxing sipper, featuring hearty notes of chocolate, nougat, citrus peels, and raisins. Despite its strong ABV, it's well-balanced with a hint of smokiness. However, some found it less complex and subtly dark.

Nosing impressions

Young wood Unknown Raisin Dried fruit Milk chocolate Metallic Caramel Sweet Musty Maple

Taste impressions

Ginger Raisin Caramelized Demerara sugar Creamy Peppery Sweet Milk chocolate CookieDough Cocoa


Woody Vanilla Cocoa Coffee Bitter Roasted Warm Alcoholic Herbal Dark chocolate

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.1 /1013 ratings

Community Rating

Already 13 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.1 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„Flat nose, but all the more complex on the palate. Very nicely balanced with a great finish. The alcohol is also well integrated. Wood and smoke notes are clearly in the background. For just under 50 € very worthwhile to start in the world of Demarara rums in cask strength.“


Young wood Unknown Raisin Treacle Smoky


Anise Caramelized Raisin Ginger Pineapple
Profile picture of user

„This ICBU Mark has similarities to the SWR, similar chocolate nougat caramel notes but without the dark bitterness of the colored SWR. Along with that, fruitier, wineier notes come through more clearly. You can tell this is a relatively young Demerara and the alcohol could be a bit better integrated. Not much else happens on the finish either, unfortunately.This Savalle is a very relaxed easy sipper for me. Accessible and round, somewhat one dimensional and a very good value for money. I like him very much, but he is a rather simple rum.“


Milk chocolate Cream toffee Grappa Wine Nougat


Milk chocolate Hazelnut Grappa Raisin Apricot
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„Really needs some time to breath to get past alcoholic notes on the nose. You will be rewarded with a pleasant nose along the lines of sweetness/sugar, raisins and milk chocolate.“


Musty Young wood Maple Polish Unknown


Caramelized Demerara sugar CookieDough Creamy Raisin
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„Un bon demerara que je trouve assez typique de cette Colonne avec son coté Pruneau/raisin bien marqué. Mais il lui manque un peu de complexité et un le coté "sombre" qui me plait tellement dans certains rums du Guyana.“


Prunes Milk chocolate Caramel Anise Sweet


Prunes Unknown Anise Vanilla Ginger
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„Au nez l'alcool est un peu présent mais pas trop agressif. C'est un nez doux sur les zestes d'agrumes (mandarine, kumquat) et le chocolat au lait. Un léger fumé en bouche avec un côté très légèrement salin. On est plus sur le raisin. Un sucre bien présent aussi. Pointe d'amertume en fin de bouche sans que ça soit dérangeant. La finale est plaisante et un peu piquante. Je n'ai pas une grande expérience des demerara mais ça donne envie de poursuivre.“

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„Anfangs in der Nase recht verhalten, er brauch seine Zeit sich zu entfalten, doch dann kommt er sehr lecker. Für den Ausgabepreis echt top. Ein leichter Rum der sich nicht verstecken muss. Guyana ist halt meins. 😋“


Unknown Milk chocolate Dried fruit Young wood Raisin


Raisin Ginger Demerara sugar Creamy Sweet

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What are the key data of the rum?

Cask number
#Batch 1
Made from
12 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 50€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

The RumX community has already added 16 bottles to their collections:








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About the Diamond distillery

The distillery Diamond is located in Guyana. Rums from Diamond have been reviewed 2,171 times with an average of 8.3/10.

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