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South Pacific Exclusively Bottled for Sansibar (RX708)

Introducing the Exclusively Bottled for Sansibar, a 10-year-old Fijian rum produced at the South Pacific distillery and selected and bottled by The Wild Parrot. With a 62.3% ABV, this molasses-based rum boasts a unique aroma of citrus, fermented fruit, pineapple, and ester. On the palate, experience a delightful mix of salty, ester, fruity, smoky, and orange peel flavors. Users have appreciated this rum for its intriguing blend of tastes, excellent alcohol integration, and interesting variation between the nose and the palate. Although not considered the best of Fijian rums, it is still a worthwhile and enjoyable experience for rum enthusiasts.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Exclusively Bottled for Sansibar is based on 23 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The "Exclusively Bottled for Sansibar" South Pacific rum, offers a striking contrast of vibrant freshness and enticing warmth. It features boldly nutty, licorice, and citrus notes with undertones of vanilla and oak. Noteworthy, its high ABV provides a punch but remains well-integrated. Satisfactory, though slightly atypical for a Fiji.

Nosing impressions

Citrus Fermented Fruity Pineapple Smoky Ester Grass Alcoholic Platsic Funky

Taste impressions

Salty Ester Fruity Smoky OrangePeal Dry Chocolate Allspice Mango Spicy


Roasted Ester Woody Funky Nutty Astringent Medicinal Smoky Young wood Vanilla

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

7.9 /1023 ratings

Community Rating

Already 23 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 7.9 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„Tasted this blind for 1st Advent, quite sharp at first, which lead to funky fruity mix indictating a Jamaican. Surprise, it was not! 😏 It is said to have some citrus, which I missed completely though. 2cl sometimes ain't enough... I also expected this to be onmly slightly aged, it was 10 years, however.“


Fruity Fermented Funky Pineapple Alcoholic


Fruity Ester Hot Sweet
Profile picture of user

„#1. avent sample from the RumXCalendar. Blind tasting: Very interesting nose… it reminds me on a classic young hampden/jamaican, but in mouth it‘s very different. It lacks in the finish, really woody and smoky. Never thought this is from south pacific and has 10 years 🙈🙈 Nose: fruity, funky, pineapple, sweet, burnt sugar, citrus, ester. Mouth: solvents, fruit schnaps, roasted nuts, dark chocolate, spicy, liquorice. Finish: a lot of smoke, roasted, vanilla, oak.“


Fruity Ester Sweet Medicinal Citrus


Ester FullBodied Fruit schnapps Chocolate Roasted nuts
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„1. Tag im RumX-Adventskalender. Fiji als Land direkt erkannt, die Abfüllung war in der näheren Auswahl, unter anderem wegen des hohen Alkoholgehalts. Sehr ölig, mit fetten Schlieren im Glas zeigt sich der Alkohol sowohl in der Nase als auch am Gaumen nicht gerade zurückhaltend. Ansonsten ist eine gewisse Kräutrigkeit in der Nase, die von etwas umgeben wird, das mich an getrocknete Orangenscheiben erinnert. Im Gaumen sind für mich etwas Holz und Nelke erwähnenswert, die eine enorme Trockenheit erzeugen. Fiji mag ich oft sehr, diese Abfüllung schafft es aber nicht in den engeren Kreis.“


Platsic Citrus Orange Mango Herbal


Solvents Alcoholic Woody Clove Salty
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„The prelude of the RumX Advent calendar. Coincidentally had some Blanton’s before this, which caused it to sit in the glass for a couple of hours before I could taste it. The smell changed quite a bit during this time: sharp in the beginning but as time passes notes of smokeyness with some meat on the grill strange enough. Sweet and savory flavours while the alcohol is integrated extremely well. First bottling from The Wild Parrot that I’ve ever had the pleasure of trying and I like it quite a bit. Looking forward to the rest of the experience in December.“

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„Toller erster Einstieg in den Rumkalender. Passend zum 1. Advent bringt der Fiji eine schöne süße Nase nach Gebäck, Vanille und Zucker mit. Ebefalls gelbe Früchte und leichte Esternoten. Im Geschmack kommen nich junges Holz und Grasnoten dazu.“


Sweet Pastries Fruity Yellow fruits Nutty


Fruity Spice Spicy Dark chocolate Citrus
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„In der Nase wie ein frischer Agricole… am Gaumen eine nussige Note mit Lakritz! Der Abgang nussig/röstig! Ein für mich untypischer South Pacific Der Alkohol ist super eingebunden“


Grass Candied


Salty Roasted nuts Allspice Licorice
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„Spannend die krassen Unterschiede zwischen Nase und Gaumen. Guter Start des RumX Adventskalenders 😃“


Citrus Fermented Pineapple Caramel Barrel


Roasted Salty Mango Cardamom
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„1. Adventssample aus dem Rumkalender. Cooler Start!“


Peppery Ester Fermented Hot Smoky


Woody Ester Strawberry Mango Peppery
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„RumX Kalender 2021 .... Erster Advent. Eher schwacher Fiji ... etwas langweilig! Alkohol nicht allzu gut eingebunden. Etwas Bitter und unausgereift für mich . Nase besser als am Gaumen .“

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„RumX-Kalender, 1. Advent. Blind: eindeutig Fiji, hoher ABV >60, helle Farbe, daher jung Max. 10yo. Nase: gleich Klebstoff, gefolgt von etwas ölig-Graphit-mäßigem. Leicht Honig mit einem Hauch Mango. Sehr trockene, Jahre alte Orangen-Scheiben, etwas trockenes Kakao-Pulver, leicht vinegarer und etwas räucherig. Gaumen: trocken, Nelke, etwas Mango hinten raus, leicht kräuterig und wieder etwas Klebstoff und ölig Gaumen deutlich schwächer als die Nase. Nicht der beste Fiji, aber ok.“


Synthetic Iodine Honey Mango Smoky


Dry Clove Synthetic Oily
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„RumX Adventskalender 1. Advent: musste an den Hampden Overproof denken. Leicht funky. Das Mineralische erinnerte mich an Fiji. Recht lecker, aber Fiji von RA 2001 oder Isla del Ron 2001 sowie SBS 2009 sind deulich besser.“


Fruity Fermented Funky Alcoholic


Fruity Ester Hot Solvents Mineral
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„Here’s my impressions on RumX Community forum:“


Fruity Citrus Candied Pastries Platsic


Ester Salty OrangePeal Spicy Allspice

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What are the key data of the rum?

Made from
10 years
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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About the South Pacific distillery

The distillery South Pacific is located in Fiji. Rums from South Pacific have been reviewed 1,837 times with an average of 8.0/10.

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