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Myers‘s Planter‘s Punch Brand Old Jamaica Rum 40%

Discover the tantalizing taste of the Caribbean with the "Myers's Planter's Punch Brand Old Jamaica Rum", a true gem originating from the heart of Jamaica. Brimming with a symphony of flavors, this molasses-distilled delight unlocks a world of luscious fruit and spices with its sophisticated complexity. Producers have masterly concocted a compelling blend that opens the senses to the irresistible allure of ripe bananas and juicy plums, married to a daring kick of black pepper. On the nose, the rum is an enchanting sweet bouquet of raisin, marzipan, licorice, banana, and pineapple, igniting a sensory feast. This aromatic promise continues on the palate, unveiling a silky dance of caramel, born from the rum's opulent aging process. Each sip leaves a delicate imprint of aged barrel flavor, adding depth and character. Introducing it in your favorite drinks can as well add dimensions of tanginess. Imagine the enhanced richness it can bring to a classic rum chocolate cake. A dignified pleasure, the Myers's Planter's Punch Brand Old Jamaica Rum offers an authentic taste of the Caribbean that will impress rum enthusiasts and newbies alike. Prepare for an epicurean voyage through the delicately balanced confluence of fruit, spice and everything nice. This rum not only promises a captivating experience but also delivers it in every drop.

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4 shop offers available from 13.90 to 31.40:

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How does this rum taste?

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Raisin Banana Marzipan Licorice Pineapple


Banana Black pepper Plum Caramel Barrel Burn


Banana Tobacco

Community reviews

5.5/1012 ratings
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“This rum is great for rum chocolate cake.”

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“Sans intérêt même si pas mauvais”


Marzipan Raisin
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“Loving it with ginger beer”

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Under 50€
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13 €
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