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Silver Seal Long Pond Version I 1986 21yr 50%

RX4910 Very good Pot Still Rum Above 250€
“Sublime, complex Long Pond with lush fruity and spicy notes.”

Indulge in the delightfully complex world of Version I, a rum aged for 21 years to perfection which is proudly crafted at the iconic Long Pond distillery in Jamaica. Immerse yourself in its strikingly intensifying aromas of tropical fruits, notably pineapple and banana, merged harmoniously with buttery and waxy hints. Expect an explosion of flavors on your palate as this 50% ABV rum, bottled by the renowned independent bottler Silver Seal, enlivens your senses with a delicious blend of fruity notes and the irresistible taste of toasted pineapple. Each sip of this extensively aged pot-still molasses rum takes you on an extraordinary journey of depth, offering a well-balanced combination of dark chocolate, green banana, pimento, and a touch of esters. The enchanting essence of honey, the subtle kick of vanilla, and the smoothness of buttery finish will make you yearn for the next sip. Some discerning users even noted a dash of licorice-like character, pushing the boundaries of typical Jamaica style rum. Dubbed by many as a rum from heaven, Version I transports you back in time, embodying a classic Long Pond enjoyed by rum nerds across the world. This masterpiece is highly sought after, not just for its alluring flavors, but also for the unforgettable experience it brings to rum aficionados. Discover the exquisite nature of Version I and enlighten your palate with a delightful rum tasting journey. Keywords: Long Pond Distillery, Rum, Silver Seal, Molasses, Pot Still, Buttery, Tropical Fruit, Pineapple, Banana, Complex flavours, Delicious.

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How does this rum taste?

Long Pond Version I, a rare gem with intense Jamaican flair, mesmerizes with its smooth, complex tapestry of butterscotch, tropical fruit, and dark chocolate. Aged perfection with a buttery finish, it's a must-try for connoisseurs.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Tropical fruit Buttery Pineapple Waxes Honey Mandarin


Complex Fruity Vanilla Pineapple Delicious Toasted


Tropical fruit Buttery Anise Licorice Woody Fruity

Community reviews

8.9/1022 ratings
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“Retasting with the RumX guys. --------- This is another rum from heaven and a typical Jamaica style rum. If you like Silver Seal rum you're considered a rum nerd 😉 This bottle is hard to get your hands on and if you're offered a sampler then you should have a go.”


Banana Leather Sweet Pineapple Intense


Dried fruit Anise Balanced Fruity Dry
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“Ein Long Pond den ich auch gerne in meiner Sammlung hätte, trotz derwenigen Prozente immer noch sehr intensiv und klassisch”

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“Verkostet am Catawiki Stand beim 1. Deutschen Armagnac Festival … die Flasche war 2 Wochen offen und recht Aromatisch. Eher im Low Ester Bereich aber sehr Fruchtig, mit viel buttriger Ananas an der Nase. Gaumen wieder fruchtig mit Butter und Ananas … zudem vollmundig lecker mit Grüner Banane und Piment. Etwas (gute) Holzbitterkeit und auch jodig lakritzartige Anklänge mit Wachs runden die Sache ab. Hat mir sehr gut geschmeckt.”


Pineapple Buttery Waxes Polish Sweet


Fruity Bitter Delicious Licorice Spicy

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Pot Still Rum
Made from
Pot Still
21 years
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

650 €
Ø Market value

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About the Long Pond distillery

The Long Pond distillery is located in Jamaica. Rums from Long Pond have been reviewed 3,904 times with an average of 8.5/10.

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