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Coruba N.P.U. Overproof 74%

RX4186 Good Under 50€

Experience the bold, tropical sensation of Coruba N.P.U. Overproof rum, an exquisite blend from the heart of Jamaica. This premium rum, distilled from high-quality molasses, showcases an impressive 74% ABV, delivering a potent yet smooth and well-rounded rum experience. Dive into a rich tapestry of aromas dominated by fruity notes, bitter orange, and strong, inviting coffee. On tasting, this Overproof rum unveils tantalising layers of sweetness highlighted with caramel, a medicinal intrigue, strong flavor, and an unexpected nutty undertone. Despite its potency, Coruba N.P.U. Overproof impressively maintains an inherent smoothness and mildness, a testament to its meticulous blending and maturation process in Switzerland after its initial distillation by Wray & Nephew. Revel in this full-bodied rum's remarkable versatility, appreciated as much for its collection value as for its delightful taste. Coruba N.P.U. Overproof is a sensational, impactful delight that promises an unforgettable rum journey.

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How does this rum taste?

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Fruity Bitter orange Alcoholic Strong Coffee Spice


Sweet Caramel Medicinal Strong Nutty Pineapple

Community reviews

7.0/1010 ratings
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“Got a sample of this rum from the RR Tasting Club. Coruba is a blended pot still as well as column still rum distilled and matured by Wray & Nephew, whereafter it’s sent to Switzerland for blending, some more maturation and filling. Overall an strong, potent and full bodied rum that’s remarkable smooth and mild at the same time.”


Strong Fruity Coffee Spice Sweet


Strong Sweet Nutty Pineapple Vanilla
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“Poor rum, nice to collection, but not good fór Taste.”


Bitter orange Alcoholic Fruity


Sweet Caramel Medicinal
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“It is a powerful rum... But it's more of a punishment than a real treat...”

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Under 50€
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19 €
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