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Distillerie Bethel Romelus Clairin Le Rocher (RX4183)

Clairin Le Rocher is a distinctive rum produced in Haiti at the Distillerie Bethel Romelus distillery, selected and bottled by Velier. Distilled in 2019 from sugar cane juice using a Pot Still, it boasts an ABV of 47.2%. Users appreciate its unique combination of aromas, such as cheese, smoky, olive, meaty, and overripe, while the flavors feature floral, perfumed, salty, smoky, and olive notes. The rum is often described as unusual and interesting, showcasing an aromatic potency that may take some time to adjust to. It's an experience worth trying, especially for those looking for something out of the ordinary in a rum.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Clairin Le Rocher is based on 60 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

Clairin Le Rocher provides an extraordinary taste experience. Strong notes of cheese, smoky meat, and ripe fruit mix with floral and saline undertones, leading to a long, unusual finish. Ideal for adventurous palates and daring cocktail creations.

Nosing impressions

Smoky Olive Cheese Meaty Bacon Overripe Tropical fruit Fruity Sugarcane Floral

Taste impressions

Salty Floral Parfum Smoky Olive Soap Intense Fresh Grass Chemical


Charred Rose Olive Bitter Salty Parfum Bacon Coriander Floral Soap

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How does the community rate this rum?

7.8 /1060 ratings

Community Rating

Already 60 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 7.8 out of 10. A total of 1 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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Profile picture of user

„Extremely aromatic nose. Interesting mixture of perfume and cheese feet. 😳On the palate, the cheese note disappears and an exciting composition of perfume and smoke appears. Insider tip for 'ne really horny Bloody Mary 🤫“


Cheese Tropical fruit Olive Smoky


Floral Smoky Parfum Intense
Profile picture of user

„Number 3 from the community tasting. Thanks RumTaTa!At first contact First fierce overcoming. Cheese foot says Chris and hits it on the point. You get used to it and get as far as the Toast Hawaii.The mouth at first similarly brute but quite different: super artificial: soap, shampoo, perfume, coriander, gummy bears. The soap remains, but you can talk it up. In addition, wet cigarette ash, which continues in the finish. Coriander remains as present.believe this is one you can grow into. With bad luck, however, it remains artificial soapy water.“


Cheese Nail polish Meaty Olive Smoky


Chemical Soap Synthetic Coriander Parfum
Profile picture of user

„A very interesting clairin. Marked olive notes mingle with very ripe fruit, floral and smoky notes. The palate follows on the same note with a hint of earthiness, very supple on the palate. The finish is very pleasantly long, with a hint of salinity. A fine discovery.“


Olive Overripe Fruity Floral Smoky


Floral Olive Grass Intense Tropical fruit
Profile picture of user

„Delicious. More mineral and fresh than the SonSon. Not quite as perverted olive and mushroom as the SonSon but more accessible and better in the daiquiri.“


Smoky Sugarcane Meaty Overripe Bacon


Smoky Salty Olive Parfum Chemical
Profile picture of user

„A Clairin that stands out from all the others. The Dunder is extremely present aromatically. Flavor-wise, a blend of peated whiskey, mezcal and an antipasto. Works sure super in a Bloody Mary“


Olive Salty Cheese Smoky Bacon


Smoky Intense Olive Salty Complex
Profile picture of user

„The cheese foot in the nose drowned out for me, unfortunately, the rest...Edit:After I did not like the here in the tasting with Jost he liked me with some distance now much better! Remains that me this Clairin of all the I was allowed to taste so far, but the previous evaluation was probably a bit too harsh... 7 points“


Cheese Olive Overripe Meaty


Parfum Salty Floral Bergamot
Profile picture of user

„Thanks to RumTaTa.The somewhat washed up unicorn of the Cairins or also affectionately called "cheese foot". In the nose I actually had cheese, school gym in the summer smell and curry.Taste then inhale a load of dry shampoo, chemical, coriander, salt, cheese.Not the tastiest rum, but clearly exceptional and interesting.“




Unknown Chemical Coriander Cheese Salty
Profile picture of user

„Meaty soap 😂 Not my profile.“


Smoky Olive Meaty Overripe Bacon


Salty Smoky Olive Soap Grass
Profile picture of user

„Cilantro from the ashtray at the end after having chemical tasting soap on the tongue. The nose is pure cheese foot. Unfortunately not my Clairin.“




Chemical Soap
Profile picture of user

„Un clairin très original. Une expérience très intéressante avec des notes que je n'avais jamais croisées dans du rhum. À tester en cocktail, très bon en ti punch. Peut-être écoeurant sur le long terme.“


Bacon Meaty Smoky Floral Cheese


Floral Parfum Meaty Smoky Cheese
Profile picture of user

„Interesting number and different than expected. From cheese on the nose about intense soap and perfume notes. unusual these perfume notes are but definitely not mine.“


Cheese Floral Parfum


Parfum Soap Floral Fresh
Profile picture of user

„Der erinnert mich sofort an "Säntis Dreifaltigkeit" mit Rauch und Speck in der Nase und noch krasser im Mund! Krasses Zeug!“


Smoky Meaty Olive Overripe Cheese


Smoky Complex Salty Grass
Profile picture of user

„wtf?! completely different from the previous Rocher for me. on the nose come first brutal much tropical fruit, especially banana, plus some cheese, and a full plate of matching fruits to it like walnut, apricot, figs and grapes, as well as the taste then extremely floral and almost perfumed after rose, bergamot, lime zest, fig and in addition a subtle smokiness and saltiness. very very cool! rarely drunk something that tastes so perfumed!🤤“


Smoky Olive Tropical fruit Banana Honey


Floral Parfum Bergamot Olive Intense
Profile picture of user

„One of it’s own rum. Complexed, a lot is going on while drinking it. Very specific aroma of fruity smoked mackerel and olive brine taste keeps You interested. Personally, It is not a rum that I would drink repeatedly because of the meat/peat/bbq/bacon notes. Nevertheless, thats some great rum and I highly reccomend it!“


Bacon Smoky Salty Sugarcane Peat


Tropical fruit Floral Salty Smoky Olive
Profile picture of user

„Fruity and savory. Very friendly for a clairin. There is a savory smoke that really lingers.“


Tropical fruit Sugarcane Salty Honey Banana


Salty Smoky Olive Fresh Cheese

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What are the key data of the rum?

Made from
Sugar cane juice
Pot Still
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 100€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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Clairin Le Rocher

Velier • Distillerie Bethel Romelus
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Clairin Sajous

Velier • Chelo
2019   56,5%   €€

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About the Distillerie Bethel Romelus distillery

The distillery Distillerie Bethel Romelus is located in Haiti. Rums from Distillerie Bethel Romelus have been reviewed 75 times with an average of 7.6/10.

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