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Old Pascas Overproof 73% 73%

Dive into the mesmerizing world of rum with Old Pascas Overproof 73% - a striking Jamaican treasure that hails from the exceptional realm of molasses-made rums. Tongues tingle with anticipation at the first waft of this overproof spectacle, as it fervently radiates a distinct range of complex aromas. Proudly displaying its Jamaican roots, the Old Pascas Overproof 73% marries the robust intensity of its strong ABV with a sublime harmony of flavors. Brought to life by the Caribbean warmth and depth of its source, this potent rum holds its own in the wide world of spirits and continues to be a sought-after choice for connoisseurs and rum enthusiasts alike. Unearth the tale that each sip shares, as the 73% ABV does not dominate but rather enhances the intriguing layers of taste. Discover a symphony of flavors with the Old Pascas Overproof 73%, the very symbol of the rich tapestry that is Jamaican rum. This rum empowers cocktails with its strength while ensuring the innate flavors don’t get lost in the mix. Experience the dynamic depth and piquant punch of the Old Pascas Overproof 73%, and let it whisk you away on an unforgettable rum journey. Rife with tropical audacity and local charm, this overproof Jamaican rum entices like no other. Treat your palate to an exotic escapade with the Old Pascas Overproof 73%. Revel in its premium quality as you relish each inimitable drop. For true connoisseurs or adventurous explorers alike, this is a rum journey worth embarking on! Key Phrases: Jamaican Rum, Old Pascas Overproof 73%, molasses rum, overproof rum, high ABV rum, complex flavors, premium quality rum, rum connoisseur.

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“Overproof fir cocktails only.”

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Old Pascas
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Under 50€
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44 €
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