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Hogerzeil Marianne de Paraguay 54%

RX3780 Good Single Cask Under 100€

Discover the captivating character of "Marianne de Paraguay", a unique rum from the acclaimed Hogerzeil distillery of Paraguay. Expertly distilled from molasses and presented at cask strength, this rum emanates an inviting aroma of fruity spice, blending enriching undertones of apple and plum with a distinctive fruitcake essence. On tasting, its vibrant fruity profile complements the characteristic sweetness of molasses, while subtle spicy allusions add an engaging complexity. Notably, hints of anise linger on your palate, elegantly recognizing the spirit's origin. This rum also gifts hints of apple, echoing its scent. Indeed, Marianne de Paraguay is proof that rum experience goes beyond the ordinary. Its intricate blend of notes seems to transcend the realm of rums into a world that subtly touches upon flavors of baked goods, fruits, and spices. This is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a unique rum experience. Experience Marianne de Paraguay—where authenticity meets creativity.

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How does this rum taste?

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Fruity Apple Plum Vanilla Fruitcake Spicy


Molasses Spicy Fruity Anise Apple Baking spices


Apple Anise

Community reviews

7.2/1015 ratings
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“The cask strength compared to the reduced version.Nose: much more volume; the aromas come through better. Spicy-fruity with apple. Almost goes in the direction of Calvados. Plus a musty vanilla note with some plum behind it. No clear spices, more of a baking spice again. Has a basic sweetness, of fruit bread, candied orange peel and toffee.Palate: clear, here comes 54% now clearly more than with only 40%. A bit thin at first, but then interesting spicy-fruity hints. Anise, light nutmeg and a mixture of baking spices. In addition, something vegatibles from San and vlt. thyme. In fruit again most likely apple and some lemon peel. Sweetness of molasses, candied orange peel and anise.Clearly better than the watered-down sister and also better than expected. Still does not pick me up!”


Spicy Fruity Musty Apple Calvados


Spicy Fruity Anise Baking spices Nutmeg
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“Schmeckt sehr nach Neutralalkohol mit etwas Orangennote.”

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What are the key facts about this rum?

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Under 100€
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What is the price trend for this rum?

54 €
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About the Hogerzeil distillery

The Hogerzeil distillery is located in Paraguay. Rums from Hogerzeil have been reviewed 41 times with an average of 7.1/10.

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