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Edelbrände Senft Senft Rum Jamaica Wood-Finish 2021 3yr 40%

“Enjoyable, fruity, sweet; a mild, approachable rum with peach highlights.”

Introducing the Rum Jamaica Wood-Finish from the Senft distillery in Germany, selected and bottled by Edelbrände Senft in 2021. Produced from molasses, it has been aged for 3 years, boasting an ABV of 40%. This unique rum captivates users with its inviting aroma, featuring honey, caramelized, candied, and sweet peaches. On the palate, you'll experience a blend of honey, sugar, sweet, spice, and mild flavors. While some users find it slightly sweet, it has been appreciated as a dessert rum. Its short finish presents notes of honey, sugar, vanilla, peaches, and oak. Overall, the Rum Jamaica Wood-Finish showcases a fruity profile that intrigues and engages rum lovers.

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How does this rum taste?

A pleasantly mild and exceptionally sweet, fruit-forward rum with distinct peach and honey notes. Lacks complexity, but its smoothness and dessert-like qualities make it a delightful sipper for those new to rum or with a sweet palate.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Honey Sweet Pear Candied Caramelized Peaches


Honey Sweet Peaches Fruity Pear Sugar


Sweet Peaches Honey Met Vanilla Sugar

Community reviews

6.2/1022 ratings
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“Nice smell and taste of peaches! Other than peaches you smell honey, sugar. In mouth it‘s very sweet. It has a light mild body. It‘s sweetened, isn‘t it? The finish is short with tastes of honey, sugar, vanilla with some notes of peaches and oak at the end. It‘s a good rum for desert. It‘s not what i like to drink, because it‘s very sweet(ened?) and to weak, light, without character or complexity”


Peaches Sweet Honey Caramelized Floral


Mild Sweet Honey Sugar Light
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“Dieser Rum ist von Jamaika-Rum inspiriert und aus echtem jamaikanischen Zuckerrohr destilliert. Man kann das Jamaika-Flair im Ansatz nachvollziehen, da dieser Rum sehr fruchtig ist und eventuell auch etwas Ester mitschwingt. Allerdings könnte man auch meinen, einen gesüßten Birnenschnaps vor sich zu haben. Im Mund gibt es dann sogar auch eine modrige, vergorene Note. Aber all das wird stets von einer süßen Honig/Sirupnote überdeckt, weshalb hier definitiv nachgebessert wurde und das finale Produkt sehr zwiegespaltene Gefühle zurücklässt.”


Fruit schnapps Pear Mirabelle plum Honey Syrupy


Sweet Mild Honey Soft Spice
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“A sweet surprise during a visit at a friend's place. It is clearly sweetened, a liquor, but not a bad one: it's not overpowered by artificial flavour. Also, one can get a hint of wood and Funk, which makes it a bit more interesting. To me it is too sweet, but my wife liked it (she normally does not taste my samples).”


Candied Pear Mirabelle plum Fruit schnapps Sweet


Sweet Honey Pear Funky Creamy

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Made from
3 years
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 50€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

30 €
Ø Market value

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About the Senft distillery

The Senft distillery is located in Germany. Rums from Senft have been reviewed 22 times with an average of 6.2/10.

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