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Worthy Park Forsyths White WPE (RX319)

Forsyths White WPE is a limited release rum from Jamaica's Worthy Park distillery. It has an ABV of 57% and is bottled by Habitation Velier. It has aromas of fruit, olives/dirty martini, tobacco, and honey with a taste of banana and apple. It can be enjoyed neat or in cocktails and is recommended for its price point.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Forsyths White WPE is based on 46 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum.

Nosing impressions

Ester Banana Glue Overripe Funky Nail polish Apple Tropical fruit Mango Buttery

Taste impressions

Funky Tropical fruit Banana Dry Overripe Intense Honey Fruity Glue Nail polish


Honey Raspberry Fruity Funky Smoky Metallic Floral Herbal Woody Olive

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.2 /1046 ratings


Already 46 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.2 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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Brutally complex! Fruit, acid, salty, herbaceous, metallic, funky esterig, umami. Very wacky and does really well in the daiquiri 🤤💯In terms of worthy Park probably one of the best I know😅


Ester Funky Glue Overripe Banana


Funky Dry Tropical fruit Honey Overripe
Profile picture of user

Pretty good rum from Habitation. The nose is wonderfully fruity with the typical funk, ester and glue and maybe some varnish/polish in the back. The palate is complex and well balanced, again with a nice funk and lots of fruits. A bit dry with wood and wet hay. The finish is long and fruity with a tad of funk and wood.


Mango Papaya Ester Glue Apple


Funky Dry Ester Overripe Peaches
Profile picture of user

Krasse Kombination aus Apfel und Banane in der Nase. Dahinter versteckt sich eine leichte Lakritznote. Der Geschmack kann nicht ganz mithalten, die Banane und tolle Fruchtigkeit bleibt aber.


Ester Banana Apple Funky Licorice


Funky Intense Tropical fruit Banana
Profile picture of user

Wow, ich bin begeistert! Komplexer Rum mit einer Mischung aus Pfirsich, Salz, Mandarine, Ester und Erdbeere. Ich hatte lange keinen weißen Rum, der so vielschichtig war!

Profile picture of user

Erinnert mich im Geruch und Geschmack an den Worthy Park Single Cask aus 2017, wobei die Velier Variante etwas milder ist.


Ester Glue Funky Banana Apple


Funky Tropical fruit Peaches Banana Honey
Profile picture of user

Ein Rum mit sehr viel Power und einer recht breitgefächerten Aromatik. Macht eine sehr gute Daiquiri. Profitiert pur meiner Meinung nach von ein paar Tropfen Wasser. Öliges Mundgefühl und langer Nachgeschmack


Banana Ester Apple Glue Nail polish


Funky Dry Banana Nail polish Burnt sugar
Profile picture of user

In der Nase definitiv anspruchsvoller als im Geschmack und auch nicht der neue Lieblingsrum; aber trotzdem eine spannende Sache! Beim Geruch wird man neben den ganzen Fruchtnoten den Eindruck von Olivenlake/Dirty Martini nicht los.


Ester Banana Raspberry Strawberry Funky


Dry Smoky Funky Raspberry
Profile picture of user

Le nez est puissant et porté par des notes de fruits exotiques (banane principalement) ainsi qu’un côté plus végétal et de la colle. Une bombe aromatique avec des saveurs lourdes de fruits sur-mûris. En bouche, c’est complexe et équilibré. Ce sont de nouveau les fruits sur-mûris qui s’expriment le plus. A cela s’ajoute un peu d’olives vertes et du bois humide. C’est chaud et beau. La finale est très longue, elle tapisse toute la bouche avec le funk jamaïcain et un peu de boisé-épicé. Que dire de plus hormis que c’est une bombe à retardement ? A ne pas mettre dans toutes les mains.


Ester Overripe Funky Glue Banana


Funky Dry Tropical fruit Overripe Banana
Profile picture of user

Ein angenehmer würziger holziger Jamaikaner!


Ester Papaya Glue Litschi Grapefruit


Concentrated Funky Young wood Bitter Iodine
Profile picture of user

Nosing reveals a combination of fruits, spices and chemistry. Starts off with all kinds of banana accompanied by red and green apple. Sharpness is further introduced with sour raspberries and later light vinegar notes. There’s a bit of sweet herbaceousness from sugarcane, as well as wood and smoke from juniper. A touch of aniseed wraps up the spicy profile. We continue with chemical notes, primarily hot glue and polish, but also some rubber and burnt plastic. Sipping initially overwhelms the tastebuds with harsh butyric acid, quickly redeveloping into more pleasant notes. More hot glue, rubber, polish and vinegar. And eventually again banana and spicy, woody notes from anise and juniper. Finish is light and dry. The pharmacy shuts down and high quality honey and raspberry are reintroduced. This is a very strong and wild unaged rum that has many applications in mixology, but can also be enjoyed neat.


Banana Apple Raspberry Sugarcane Juniper


Banana Sugarcane Juniper Anise Harsh
Profile picture of user

Jamaika - Stark ausgeprägtes Potpourri aus Lack, Estern aber vor allem Früchten. Beiläufig Tabak & Honig. Herrliches Hochestererlebnis. Zu Beginn weiß er durch deutliche Fruchtsüße zu gefallen, bevor sich der Honig durchsetzt. Dieser gewinnt mit Zeit immer mehr an Süße/Intensität. Am Ende rauchige Noten. Kaufempfehlung! Obwohl ungelagert, kann man für den Preis nichts falsch machen. Ob pur oder auch im Cocktail, funky Trinkerlebnis.


Varnish Ester Glue Mango Tropical fruit


Tropical fruit Fruity Sweet Glue Honey
Profile picture of user

Bordel, c’est incroyable. Un blanc incomparable pour le moment !


Ester Glue Varnish


Honey Tropical fruit Pineapple Intense Ester
Profile picture of user

Ethers ++ au nez!! Dans un verre à déguster le vin encore plus ! Presque désagréable avec une acidité très surprenante ! Par contre en bouche, nous sommes quasiment sur de l’eau de vie de canne avec une finale légèrement fruité. C’est assez déroutant pour un blanc !! En revanche, à proscrire pour un Ti-Punch, ça fait ressortir toute l’amertume des éthers, très désagréable. Rhum très intéressant parce que déroutant et unique!

Profile picture of user

Surprisingly in a bad way, if you have any respect for your nasal area and palate, skip it. This mixture of both olive and petroleum products is not the most beautiful effect.



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What are the specs of this rum?

Made from
Pot Still
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 50€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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About the Worthy Park distillery

The distillery Worthy Park is located in Jamaica. Rums from Worthy Park have been reviewed 2,271 times with an average of 80/100.

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