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Goslings Black Seal Rum 3yr 40%

RX305 Pleasant Pot & Column Still Rum Under 50€
“Smooth, sweet, perfect for Dark 'n Stormy cocktails, great mixer.”

Black Seal Rum, a product of Bermudas, is a 3-year-old blend distilled from Molasses using Pot and Column Stills and bottled by the independent bottler Goslings, with an ABV of 40%. Key aromas include spice, molasses, barrel, rubber, and licorice, with flavors such as licorice, clove, molasses, vanilla, and coffee. The rum has received mixed reviews, with some users appreciating its sweet and spicy notes while others find it best suited for classic and modern Tiki cocktails or mixed drinks like Dark 'n Stormy. Overall, it's considered an entry-level rum with good mixability but not highly recommended for neat drinking.

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How does this rum taste?

Black Seal Rum: A divisive yet favored mixer for the classic Dark 'n Stormy. While not preferred neat due to its sweet, molasses-heavy profile with a hint of spice, it offers solid value as a cocktail base.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Molasses Spice Barrel Vanilla Rubber Licorice


Licorice Molasses Clove Coffee Vanilla Cocoa


Spicy Round Alcoholic Baking spices Sweet Dry

Community reviews

6.0/1092 ratings
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“Not recommended for neat drinking, but perfect in my favorite drink, Dark ‘n’ Stormy.”


Molasses Vanilla Spice


Molasses Vanilla Cinnamon Clove Warm
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“The nose has all the darker notes that would be expected of a very dark rum. Lots of molasses, barrel and raisin. There's a lingering rubber smell in the background too. The taste follows with what would be expected from the nose. It's on the sweeter side but nothing too much. Big nots of licorice and clove keep things spicy. The finish is on the short end but whilst it lasts there is a pleasant sweet, oakyness that is rather mellow. Overall it's a good entry level rum. Nothing challenging but at the same time it could get lost in the crowd.”


Molasses Rubber Licorice Barrel Raisin


Licorice Clove Cinnamon Molasses
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“Having a try at my older stuff again. This is from my cocktail reserve, and it shines in that role assuredly. Sipped pure I immediately get sweetness and prune, reminder of Christmas baking flavours. The sweetness and prune do mask the low ABV a bit, and it does not taste as thin as expected. I would rather call it a liquor, as of now. Very sweet. Good for Cocktails, I believe.”


Medicinal Woody Sweet Blackberry


Plum Burnt sugar Sharpness Licorice Spicy

Expert reviews

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Pot & Column Still Rum
Made from
Pot and Column Still
3 years
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 50€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

18 €
Ø Market value

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