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Cadenhead‘s Caroni TMCG HTR 1998 21yr 61,6%

RX2818 Excellent Column Still Rum Single Cask 240 bottles Under 250€
“Bold, intense, well-balanced with a fruity touch and smoky finish.”

The TMCG HTR from Caroni distillery, selected by Cadenhead’s, offers a unique experience with its intense and robust profile. Distilled in 1998 and aged for 21 years, this limited release exhibits bold aromas of rubber, smoke, pineapple, wood, and tropical fruits. The flavor profile combines woody and tropical fruit notes, with hints of tar, vanilla, and barrel nuances. Reviewers appreciate its balanced, oily texture and medium to long finish with a touch of mint. The rum's 61.6% ABV delivers a powerful kick that is well-integrated, marking it as a quintessential Caroni with a bold, smoky, and fruity character. This is a standout choice for connoisseurs who appreciate complex, rich flavors and a lingering, smoky aftertaste.

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How does this rum taste?

The "TMCG HTR" is a complex, bold, and well-balanced Caroni rum with an ABV of 61.6%. Notable for its woodiness, smokiness, and subtle fruity undertones, it delivers an intense yet refined experience with a long, satisfying finish.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Rubber Smoky Pineapple Woody Tropical fruit Banana


Woody Tropical fruit Tar Vanilla Barrel Intense


Rubber Tropical fruit Smoky Woody Warm Cherry

Community reviews

9.0/1017 ratings
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“An incredibly sweet nose, with rubber and lots of fruit. Kumquat, almond and a pleasant vanilla woodiness. The alcohol is a little more present on the palate with a slight spiciness at first, then this rum fills the mouth with fruit, nuts, spices, varnish and a tar base that enhances all the flavors. A tropical roadside garden. The finish is very long, with noble bitter flavors and a slightly more pronounced woodiness than on the palate. A citrus note (kumquat) reappears at the very end. A real surprise, a delicious rum even if it is fruitier and more floral than the more powerful Caronis. Everything is in balance.”


Rubber Vanilla Unknown Almond


Vanilla Banana Passion fruit Caramel Tar
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“Dans la veine des Caroni 1998, Cadenhead’s présente une jolie cuvée sans véritables fausses notes. Le nez s’ouvre sur un fruité exotique porté par l’ananas, puis diverge avec des notes plus rondes sur la pâte à biscuit avant de retomber sur un profil plus classique : atelier mécanique, boisé fumé et épices chaudes sont là pour éveiller les sens. L’attaque en bouche est vive, lourde et intense, mais aussi huileuse et d’une belle rondeur. On retrouve le caoutchouc et le goudron encore chaud, suivis par les fruits tropicaux, des épices (vanille, piment), du chêne, du cuir et du caramel chaud qui apporte un peu de douceur. Bien que le profil soit bien maîtrisé, il lui manque ce petit brin de folie qui lui permettrait de se distinguer des autres Caronis de ce Millésime assez répandu. Le constat est similaire en finale. Celle-ci est longue, chaude, pétrolifère, fumée, avec des touches fruitées et du caramel presque brûlé. Le boisé fumé, les épices chaudes et le cuir sont également présents. C’est un beau Caroni, mais qui a du mal à s’extirper de l’archétype du genre (ou mon palais devient exigeant peut-être).”


Rubber Glue Tar Smoky Tropical fruit


Tar Rubber Warm Vanilla Spice
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“#4527 14.12.2023 The second Caroni of the evening and it's also a very nice and well balanced one. The Caroni profile is medium strong and there is a nice fruity touch to it. The palate is oily, well rounded and fresh with some cherry. The finish os medium to long with a light minty touch.”


Woody Rubber Roasted Pineapple Tar


Woody Tar Warm Roasted Oily

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Column Still Rum
Made from
Column Still
21 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

239 €
Ø Market value

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About the Caroni distillery

The Caroni distillery is located in Trinidad. Rums from Caroni have been reviewed 6,710 times with an average of 8.8/10.

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