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Valdespino Legend of Cuban Rum Pre-1962 1944 45%

RX2713 Very good Column Still Rum Above 250€

The Legend of Cuban Rum Pre-1962 is an exquisite rum produced in Cuba and bottled by the independent bottler Valdespino. Distilled in 1944 from molasses with a column still, it has an ABV of 45%. This rum boasts a compelling aroma profile featuring floral, almond, buttery, dried fruit, and polish notes. On the palate, delightful flavors of brown sugar, woody, creamy, dried fruit, and roundness come to the forefront. Enthusiasts appreciate its historical Cuban heritage while mentioning the beautiful balance between its sweet and woody elements. The consensus among reviewers is that this rum is a delicious representation of the Spanish style, offering complexity and elegance in every sip.

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How does this rum taste?

The "Legend of Cuban Rum Pre-1962" is a unique, historical delight admired for its chocolatey Cuban profile with sherry-inspired Spanish layers. Despite its potent elegance, some find it lacks complexity and a "wow" factor for its price. Best described as an intriguingly sweet, smoky experience.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Almond Buttery Floral Dried fruit Cedar Polish


Brown sugar Woody Dried fruit Creamy Round Polish


Brown sugar Honey Dried apricot Roasted Smoky Popcorn

Community reviews

8.5/1021 ratings
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“Liquid history from Cuba. Extremely mild, balanced and yet intense. Really great nose! Nice chocolate and roasted flavors. Sherry. Sweet, but not unpleasant. Great Spanish style rum!”


Dark Roasted Almond Dried fruit Cedar


Woody Roasted Nougat Creamy Brown sugar
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“A piece of rum history!It has the typicality of all Cuban rums, smooth and elegant and enveloping, with a higher intensity than others of its kind.In my opinion, however, for the price at which it is found today, it lacks aromatic complexity and power.There are many other rums less expensive than this one that have an edge!”

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“Another slightly old tasting but I have more notes on it. The nose is sweet and balanced with wood and nuts and a lovely floral note. The palate is very sweet, oily and round with smoky wood, dried fruit, brown sugar and a hint of marzipan at the end. The finish is medium long with smoky wood, dried fruit and brown sugar. Pretty sweet and definitely an good rum for cakes etc.”


Sweet Balanced Woody Floral Nutty


Woody Brown sugar Sweet Oily Marzipan

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Column Still Rum
Made from
Column Still
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

536 €
Ø Market value

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