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Monte Negro Grogue Barbosa Amado & Vicente (RX2421)

Introducing the "Grogue Barbosa Amado & Vicente," a unique rum hailing from Cap Verde's Monte Negro distillery. This intriguing spirit, crafted from sugar cane juice and distilled using a Pot Still, boasts an ABV of 45%. Tasters found it bearing notes of sake, sugarcane, olive, vegetal, and cherry on the nose, followed by sake, cucumber, vegetal, earthy, and bitter flavors on the palate. While some appreciated this rum's peculiar profile likening it to Mezcal and Sake, others found it challenging, with a focus on fermented, vegetal, and earthy notes. Ideal for experimental tasters seeking unconventional flavor profiles, Grogue Barbosa Amado & Vicente will enrapture those in search of a distinctive rum adventure.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Grogue Barbosa Amado & Vicente is based on 21 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum.

Nosing impressions

Sugarcane Sake Olive Vegetal Fermented Cherry Grass Bacon Cucumber Earthy

Taste impressions

Sake Cucumber Vegetal Earthy Bitter Smoky Diluted Sugarcane Melon Peat


Vegetal Sake Earthy Cucumber Bitter Melon Smoky Sap Biscuits Dried dates

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

7.0 /1021 ratings


Already 21 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 7.0 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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A pleasant rum, perhaps good for a Ti' Punch, but nothing extraordinary. Medium persistence and in my opinion too much hint of sake and a very distant smokiness. Unsuitable for tasting at a certain level, it remains a lighthearted rum. Still, it is always good to experiment with new distillates. Rum from sugarcane juice with 10% from molasses.


Sake Sugarcane Olive


Sake Sugarcane Peat Vegetal
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Everything is already said in the other comments about this rather strange rum.


Sugarcane Fresh Green Olive Unknown


Sake Mineral Unknown Iodine Fresh
Profile picture of user

Not bad, reminds me a bit of stuff like Paranubes. Very fresh with olives and vegetal notes. Friend says the finish reminds him of oysters (don’t like oysters so I can’t really tell) Was told that it’s distilled with a wood fire, which makes for an interesting story. Seems more powerful, but it says 45%.

Profile picture of user

some low scores so far but I find this very tasty but also don't feel I need a bottle. somewhere between paranubes and agricole.


Berries Plum Allspice Lemon Alcoholic


Nutmeg Allspice Sour cherry Cucumber Chestnuts
Profile picture of user

A nose of fruit liqueur, a more vegetal and bitter palate, and an identical and rather discreet finish.


Olive Grass Cucumber Sugarcane Green


Sake Root Cucumber Bitter Sugarcane
Profile picture of user

Wonderful discovery of the toddy, a nice slap with this one

Profile picture of user

Interesting nose, but then the grog falls noticeably in taste. Alcohol is relatively poorly integrated, the overall flavor profile is too unround and closed.

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On the nose canned corn, garlic, sake, fermented, floral, vegetable, pepper, sour fruits.On the palate light with fermented, sake, roasted garlic, vegetable, pepper, cucumber, savory and pumpkin. Peculiar, but not for me, too much garlic.

Profile picture of user

Sake, but different from Nine Leaves (very "contaminated"). Fermented fruit. Melon, cucumber, some overripe cheese on the finish.


Sake Fermented Bacon


Sake Thick Smoky Melon Cucumber
Profile picture of user

super weird! on the nose very fruity, berry, fresh.... in the taste then cucumber, pumpkin, bitter melon and date oat cookies?! in addition strangely smoky and again discreetly reminiscent of mezcal and sake. in the finish dominates for me the cucumber and bitter melon, but is also somewhat creamy in the direction of cookie dough. pure cuts it off quite well in the daiquiri again dominates the bitterness and is just not a round thing. too bad.


Sake Berries Pineapple Olive Pear


Cucumber Pumpkin Earthy Sake Heavy
Profile picture of user

3 Grogue im Vergleich: Barbosa, M&G, Vulcao… alle natürlich sehr ähnlich… Nase: pflanzlich, vergorene Frucht, vinegar. Wirkt ein klein wenig trockener und erdiger als die anderen. Sake und Mezcal, etwas mehr Richtung Sake. Rote Bete-Saft mit etwas Gurke und Sauerkraut daneben aber auch fruchtige Süße von Trauben oder Kirschen. Etwas speckiges kommt durch. Gaumen: harzig, leicht wässrig, Anis. Und deutlich pflanzlich. Einschlag von Sake und Mezcal. Etwas künstlich und leicht rauchig. Grogue bleibt etwas ganz spezielles, mit Clairin vergleichbar. Muss man mögen. Aber ich mag Herausforderungen


Fermented Fruity Vegetal Cucumber Earthy


Sake Diluted Vegetal Sap Earthy
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Le nez est charmeur sur la canne fermentée, c’est très floral. On est très loin de mes repères liés aux rhums agricoles. C’est terreux, comme après avoir tondu l’herbe mouillée. C’est frais et fruité sur les fruits rouges (la cerise), on retrouve un filet d’olive. On y retrouve un style Clairin, plutôt sucré et fumé-salé. Il n’est pas incroyable au nez et tire sur le saké, mais c’est plutôt sympa et on veut le gouter. En bouche, l'attaque est douce voir retenue. On est moins sur le fruité mais à nouveau sur l’herbacé. Il y a à nouveau cette note d’olive un peu comme chez Savanna.


Sake Cherry Vegetal Bacon Earthy


Sake Diluted Vegetal Bitter Anise
Profile picture of user

Not mine at all - still smells nice fruity-grassy, but taste and finish pretty nasty, fermented and almost tipped.


Sugarcane Hot Vegetal Pear


Diluted Fermented Sake

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What are the specs of this rum?

Made from
Sugar cane juice
Pot Still
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 50€

Is this rum rather collected or consumed?

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About the Monte Negro distillery

The distillery Monte Negro is located in Cap Verde. Rums from Monte Negro have been reviewed 21 times with an average of 7.0/10.

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