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Ron Varadero Añejo 7 Años 7yr 38%

The Añejo 7 Años, hailing from the renowned Ron Varadero distillery in Cuba, is a 7-year-old rum distilled from molasses and bottled at 38% ABV. Enthusiasts have noted the delightful aroma of orange peel, fudge, roasted scents, raisin, and tobacco. On the palate, this rum delivers flavors of diluted tobacco, raisin, milk chocolate, and a distinct alcoholic kick. While not as complex as some other 7-year-olds in the category, it has garnered its fair share of fans within the RumX community, offering a unique and enjoyable tasting experience for those who appreciate its distinct profile.

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Where can I buy this rum?

4 shop offers available from 18.81 to 33.00:

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How does this rum taste?

Most frequently mentioned flavors


OrangePeal Fudge Roasted Raisin Tobacco


Diluted Tobacco Raisin Milk chocolate Alcoholic


Alcoholic Milk chocolate Tobacco

Community reviews

6.6/1014 ratings
Community rating
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“Alcohol significantly worse integrated than in the HC7 and overall also not as complex...”


OrangePeal Fudge Roasted Raisin Tobacco


Diluted Tobacco Raisin Milk chocolate Alcoholic
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“Riecht und schmeckt nach Tabak. Der Alkohol ist nach meinem Geschmack zu vordergründig. Ich werde diesen Rum nicht mehr kaufen. Es gibt bessere 7 jährige aus Kuba.”

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“I have been told This is havana 7 hut local but I'm nit convinced . The dryness of this rum is lovely . Nosing Toffee, cocoa , caramel Tasting Coffee”

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Made from
7 years
Price range
Under 50€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

31 €
Ø Market value

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About the Ron Varadero distillery

The Ron Varadero distillery is located in Cuba. Rums from Ron Varadero have been reviewed 29 times with an average of 6.8/10.

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