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Saint James XO Quintessence 6yr 42%

RX2116 Good Rhum Agricole AOC Under 100€
“Elegant, balanced Agricole with subtle vanilla and herbal notes. Enjoyable.”

Introducing the XO Quintessence from the Saint James distillery in Martinique, a unique and high-quality rum crafted from sugar cane juice in a column still, and aged for 6 years with an ABV of 42%. Users describe it as a complex experience, boasting floral, woody, and spicy notes along with a hint of apple on the nose. The flavor profile is mild and vegetal with a touch of apple, wood, and spice. As an enjoyable sip, reviewers mention that it takes time to appreciate the full depth of its character. This distinct agricole-style rum has been appreciated for its elegance and balance, though some find it lacking in depth. Discover this intriguing rum and make your own judgment on its unique taste experience.

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How does this rum taste?

The XO Quintessence from Saint James presents a middle-of-the-road experience; subtle grassy Agricole aromas with vanilla and spice on the palate. It's elegant yet unremarkable for aficionados—pleasing but not extraordinary. Best for those seeking a mild introduction to Agricole rums.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Floral Woody Spicy Round Complex Apple


Vegetal Spicy Mild Woody Bitter Apple


Mild Spicy Floral Dry Roasted Woody

Community reviews

7.8/1035 ratings
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“Une bouteille aussi esthétique peut, dans certaines circonstances, faire office de cache-misère pour le jus qu’elle contient, et malheureusement cette cuvée tombe dans ce cas précis. L’ADN de Saint James est ici transparent et fait pâle figure. même parmi la gamme permanente. Le nez est ce qui se rapproche le plus de l’esprit sombre typique de la distillerie avec des notes de chêne, de café, de vanille et de piment. Les abricots secs et les notes florales finalisent un profil doux, simple et assez réservé. L’attaque en bouche est mince et légère. Quelques notes végétales et herbacées apportent de l’amertume, tandis que les raisins secs, les épices et le bois se confrontent au palais. Il n’y a pas grand chose à dire dessus, si ce n’est que c’est assez plat et plutôt décevant. La finale n’est pas très longue, elle rappelle les notes florales, les herbes, les fruits secs, la canne à sucre, les épices, les notes rôties et le caramel mais elle ne brille pas plus que cela. Un rhum qui se veut joli d’apparence, mais qui n’a pas grand chose dans le fond hélas.”


Floral Spicy Round Vanilla Coffee


Vegetal Grass Bitter Spicy Woody
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“Beautiful Agricole, unfortunately a bit bland.Dazu a bit too expensive.”

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“Color: ChestnutOdor:Restrained, at first varnish, paint and soap.After standing longer, then vanilla, herbs and grass, so the expected Agricole flavors.Taste:Sweet, soft, mild and creamy in the mouth.When swallowed slightly spicy with fudge. Also herbal, herbs, Agricole.Round.Needs some time.Finish:Medium longRound and mild with flavors of herbs, caramel and wood.Dry in the aftertaste.76 points.”


Varnish Solvents Soap Vanilla Herbal


Soft Mild Creamy Spicy Caramel

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Rhum Agricole AOC
Made from
Sugar cane juice
Column Still
6 years
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 100€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

68 €
Ø Market value

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About the Saint James distillery

The Saint James distillery is located in Martinique. Rums from Saint James have been reviewed 3,119 times with an average of 8.1/10.

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