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Swell de Spirits Los Convidados Satvrnal Mexican Rum (High Ester) 2023 Unaged 64%

RX20065 Good White Rum 1,000 bottles Under 100€
“Unique and intriguing with vegetal, smoky, and fruity notes. Fascinating!”

The Satvrnal Mexican Rum (High Ester) by Swell de Spirits, crafted at Los Convidados distillery, boasts a unique profile that sets it apart. Users frequently highlight its distinctive ester-forward aroma combined with vegetal, tropical fruit, and smoky notes. On the palate, the rum unveils smoky, olive, and chili flavors with subtle saltiness. The interplay of these elements with a creamy texture and hints of raspberry and vanilla creates an intriguing experience reminiscent of Agricole and mezcal influences. Its 64% ABV is well-integrated, providing a bold yet balanced complexity. This limited release of 1000 bottles is a compelling choice for adventurous rum enthusiasts looking for an exciting deviation from traditional Jamaican profiles.

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How does this rum taste?

Satvrnal Mexican Rum (High Ester) is a unique, unaged delight with vegetal, smoky, and spicy notes. Expect olives, salt, tropical fruits, and an exotic blend that intrigues and excites. A fascinating, non-Jamaican high ester experience.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Ester Vegetal Tropical fruit Olive Smoky Alcoholic


Smoky Olive Chili Unknown Salty Tomato


Earthy Smoky Olive Ester Tomato Unknown

Community reviews

7.8/1010 ratings
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“Nose starts of intense with some chemical notes. Right from the start this leans towards vegetal notes and artificial cinnamon (like in Big Red chewing gum) and some somkey notes. Some time to breath adds sweetness to the nose (vanilla cream soda). Also some olive griminess in there 🤔 Intense and funky in the nose. But far off from Jamaican funk (honestly I don’t get fruits on the nose really - maybe some berries, but definitely not the dominating note for me) and more akin to Agricole - but still different. Interesting! A bit less vibrant on the palate. Similar notes, yet with more fruits. Raspberry and some acidity. Texture is creamy again with some sweetness. Looking at the ABV, alcohol is nicely integrated. This one is definitely an interesting new release and I‘‘m keen to see more from the project. The unaged bottling shows a profile which isn’t a copy of anything but a profile worth explorling. Should also make for some interesting drinks.”


Ester Alcoholic Smoky Olive Cinnamon


Raspberry Sap Sweet Creamy Vanilla
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“There are better rums with this percentage, but still quite ok. Vegetable, tropical fruit and alcohol on the nose, then olive, a chilli note and salty vinegar on the palate. One of the worse Swell de Spirits :-(”


Vegetal Tropical fruit Alcoholic


Olive Chili Salty Vinegar
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“Very unusual but nevertheless exciting Mexican rum... Slightly smoky, salty, and fermented fruity. Reminiscent partly of mezcal, partly of rhum agricole with this combination of gooseberry, kiwi and meaty notes, as well as olive brine, pickled dried tomatoes and peppers. Strongly reminiscent of savanna creol Blanc. Would have expected something more like paranubes.”


Unknown Tropical fruit Smoky Kiwi Ester


Salty Meaty Smoky Tomato Olive

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What are the key facts about this rum?

White Rum
Made from
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 100€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

58 €
Ø Market value

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About the Los Convidados distillery

The Los Convidados distillery is located in Mexico. Rums from Los Convidados have been reviewed 10 times with an average of 7.8/10.

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