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CDI South Pacific Fiji 2004 10yr 44%

RX1977 Very good Single Cask 289 bottles
“Smooth, fruity with a hint of spice and sweet mélasse.”

The Fiji Rum is a 10-year-old delight distilled in 2004 at the South Pacific distillery and bottled by the independent bottler Compagnie des Indes. With a limited release of only 289 bottles and an ABV of 44%, this rum boasts a fruity, sweet, raisin, tropical fruit, and caramel aroma. On the palate, it offers a sweet, woody, fruity, spicy, and nutty flavor. Rum enthusiasts have described it as a pleasing rum with distinct sweet tendencies, while appreciating its floral, fruity notes and well-balanced alcohol content. Though some users felt it lacked the typical Fiji characteristics, it's widely regarded as an overall enjoyable rum that invites you to explore the flavors of Fiji.

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How does this rum taste?

Fiji 2004 offers a unique sip with gentle fruit, spice, and sweet molasses notes. Despite its mild classic Fiji character, it delights with a blend of dried fruits, chocolate, and a hint of wood. A smooth, inviting rum journey.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Fruity Tropical fruit Sweet Raisin Caramel Mandarin


Fruity Sweet Woody Spicy Nutty Lime


Dried fruit Chocolate Spice Smoky Nutty Honey

Community reviews

8.0/1015 ratings
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“Was ist nur mit dem Jahrgang 2004 von South Pacific los? Schmeckt gar nicht typisch nach Fiji, sondern sehr langweilig nach Neutralalkohol!”

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“Guter Rum, der geschmacklich etwas dünn daher kommt. In Fassstärke wohl etwas besser, aber schöne Fruchtigkeit. Für meinen Geschmack etwas wenig typische Fiji-Charakteristik, aber alles in allem sehr guter Rum.”


Fruity Tropical fruit OrangePeal Mandarin Lime


Pineapple Lime Woody Anise Fruity
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“Un joli nez floral fruité et le tout dans la douceur de la réglisse... Un bon moment en préparation? Une bouche complexe florale épicée servie par un degré alcoolique bien dosé... Une fin moyenne courte qui laisse la douceur de la mélasse. N'hésitez pas à faire revenir les arômes dans le nez... Celà intensifie cette caractéristique de mélasse... Un très bon Rhum qui vous invite aux Fidjis et aux voyages”

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Cask number
10 years
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About the South Pacific distillery

The South Pacific distillery is located in Fiji. Rums from South Pacific have been reviewed 2,416 times with an average of 8.0/10.

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