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Wu Dram Clan Cuban Rum 1992 31yr 50,7%

RX18823 Very good Single Cask 231 bottles Under 250€
“Rich, well-balanced Cuban rum with dried fruits, cacao, and wood.”

Experience the elegance of the 1992 Cuban Rum, a 31-year-old cask strength masterpiece by Wu Dram Clan. Distilled from molasses with an ABV of 50.7%, this limited edition gem (231 bottles) showcases a sophisticated aroma with notes of dark chocolate, raisin, dried fruit, vanilla, and woody accents. The palate extends the charm with flavors of woody oak, dried fruits, dark and milk chocolate, enhanced by subtle spices. Users appreciate its well-balanced sweetness, smooth texture, and rich complexity without being overpowering, making it perfect for sipping. This rum pairs excellently with a fine cigar. Ideal for collectors and connoisseurs seeking a unique, high-quality Cuban rum with a refined profile. Keywords: Cuban rum, 1992, cask strength, molasses, limited edition, dark chocolate, dried fruit, vanilla, oak.

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How does this rum taste?

This limited edition Cuban Rum by Wu Dram Clan, distilled in 1992 and aged 31 years, offers a rich blend of dried fruits, cocoa, and tobacco. It's well-balanced, smooth, with a slightly sweet finish, perfect for cigar pairing.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Dark chocolate Raisin Dried fruit Vanilla Caramel Coffee


Woody Dried fruit Dark chocolate Milk chocolate Oak Soft


Raisin Young wood Red fruits Chocolate Creme brulee Oak

Community reviews

8.5/1030 ratings
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“The raisin aroma in the nose can also be found on the palate, but only in the middle section. Before that, I briefly taste something like the addition of vanillin from baking (thanks, Dirk, for the classification). After the really concise, pleasant taste of sweet raisins and dried apricot, I really like the wonderful cocoa and coffee finish, which can be felt for a long time in the empty glass. No alcohol perceptible on the nose at any time, great! Very dark color, but not - as one might expect - an oily, heavy texture, but rather light. My conclusion: A drinkable, round, elegant rum from start to finish, with no break between nose and palate, which is certainly a great match for a cigar. Due to the 1992 vintage in combination with the country of origin, this rum has an absolutely unique selling point. Is that what you call a unicorn? Whether it really is significantly better than the TWJ 1978 (from the same distillery in Santiago de Cuba, as I assume after tasting it) remains to be seen in a direct comparison. But I'm already sure that the guys from the Wu Dram Clan are to be congratulated once again on their excellent choice of cask. Recommendation! Update 2024-04-10: Finally direct tasting today against the Cuban 1978 from TWJ (RX17933) and the difference could hardly be greater. I see my earlier separate assessments confirmed: They may both come from the same distillery, but where I taste incisively fine cocoa in the 92, in the 78 it's just penetrating tasting damp, charred wood - like a campfire that was put out yesterday and got rain overnight. The 78 has simply been in the barrel too long.”

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“Obwohl ich über Cuba auf den Genuss vom Rum gekommen bin, mag ich diesen Stil nicht mehr so sehr. Diese Abfüllung ist allerdings mal sehr gut, wenn auch kein Komplexmonster, so doch sehr reichhaltig, dunkel und schwer. Am Gaumen ist er zudem weich und leicht, so dass er auch größere Schlücke erlaubt. Cuba kann es doch noch !”


Dark chocolate Raisin Vanilla Caramel Fudge


Dried fruit Dark chocolate Caramelized Mild Soft
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“Sehr ölig, rotgoldene, tiefe Farbe. Massig getrocknete Früchte, würzig, holzig. Reichlich Karamell, Schokolade und eine Spur Süße. Ein Hauch Lösungsmittel. Sehr rund, sehr ausgewogen, aber nicht sehr komplex. Die Nase gefällt mir richtig gut.😀😀😀 Im Mund dann sehr würzig und holzig. Da sticht mal der Alkohol. Der Abgang ist schön und wärmt, bevor er etwas zu schnell vorbei ist. Es gibt Aufregenderes, aber ein perfekter Rum zum entspannt Genießen. Das ist dann wohl auch die qualitative Oberkante aus Kuba. Sehr gut.😀😀 Musik dazu: „…introducing Ruben Gonzales“. Meiner Meinung die beste aus der Buena Vista-Ära.🇨🇺🇨🇺🇨🇺 Und danke nach 🇩🇪”


Dried fruit Dried dates Brown Varnish Spicy


Woody Spicy Winterly Peppery Licorice

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Made from
31 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

244 €
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