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Romdeluxe Poisson Guadeloupe Single Cask 2018 2018 5yr 61,9%

RX18758 Very good Column Still Rum Single Cask 162 bottles Under 250€
“A wonderfully aromatic, complex rum with elegant fruity and spicy notes.”

Guadeloupe Single Cask 2018 by Poisson Distillery, bottled by Romdeluxe, is a standout rum with remarkable complexity and elegance. Distilled from sugar cane juice and aged for 5 years, this limited release boasts rich, woody, and spicy aromas intertwined with port and fruity notes. On the palate, it delivers an intense yet harmonious blend of spicy, sweet, and fruity flavors with a distinct cherry undertone. Users appreciate its natural sweetness, light caramel, and subtle agricole notes, enhanced by its Madeira finish. The rum’s high ABV of 61.9% is well-integrated, offering a smooth, creamy texture with a warm and lingering finish. Perfect for connoisseurs seeking an exceptional, limited-edition rum with a unique character.

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How does this rum taste?

The Guadeloupe Single Cask 2018 offers a blend of sweet port, caramel, and grassy agricole notes. Nice balance of herbs, cherries, and light wood. Alcohol is strong but well-integrated. It's a unique, mellow rum that some adore, others find too sweet.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Woody Spicy Port Fruity Caramel Cherry


Spicy Sweet Fruity Intense Cherry Brown sugar


Woody Sugarcane Cherry Herbal Chamomile Grass

Community reviews

8.6/1025 ratings
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“02.03.2024 Retasting at the whiskymessen and I stick to my score. ------------------ #4597 26-27.01.2024 Tried this rum several times at the event because it's so nice and mellow and an atypical Agricole and especially from Pere Labat. A lovely and mellow rum and I ordered two bottles ☺️ Nose Elegant and fine, light wood and roasted notes, light, fruits, light caramel. Palate Oily, elegant, wood, light roasted, fruity, natural sweetness, faint Agricole notes. Finish Medium to long, wood, elegant, cherry, light herbs.”


Woody Roasted Fruity Cherry Elegant


Woody Roasted Fruity Sweet Elegant
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“Very dominant Madeira finish, which makes the rum very drinkable and produces beautiful dark, intense notes. Clearly not a complexity monster, but simply round and delicious - despite the strength of over 60%. I'll keep an eye out for a bottle here. ☺️🥃”


Dark Spicy Port Caramel Dried fruit


Spicy Intense Sweet Brown sugar Maple
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“Heute also der neueste Spalter-Rum ... Ja, diesem Rum schmeckt man in jeder Phase das fulminante Madeira-Finish an. Und ja, ich kann verstehen, dass dies nicht jedem recht ist, manchen ist es zu dominant. Ich gehöre zu der anderen Fraktion, mir schmeckt der Rum sehr gut, manchmal darf es eben auch mal etwas Süffiges sein. An der Nase habe ich neben der tief fruchtigen auch eine dezent rauchige Note, im Mund erinnert mich der Rum ein bisschen an den Geschmack von Weinbrandbohnen. Besonders auffallend ist, dass man den Alkohol trotz der 69,1% fast gar nicht spürt, er ist hervorragend eingebunden, das muss man erst einmal hinbekommen.. Fazit: Ein Rum, der nicht besonders anspruchsvoll ist, aber sich bestimmt sehr gut mit Freunden teilen lässt, die sonst eher wenig mit Rum zu tun haben. Insofern hat der Rum also eher das Potenzial, zu verbinden, statt zu spalten.”

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Column Still Rum
Made from
Sugar cane juice
Creole Column
5 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

105 €
Ø Market value

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About the Poisson distillery

The Poisson distillery is located in Marie Galante. Rums from Poisson have been reviewed 577 times with an average of 8.0/10.

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