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Romdeluxe Distillery Series Rum No. 1 TECC 2023 7mo 85,3%

RX18313 Very good Single Cask 223 bottles Under 250€
“Exceptional Jamaican rum; intense, well-integrated, high-ester, and beautifully complex.”

Discover the extraordinary "Distillery Series Rum No. 1 TECC" from Jamaica, meticulously selected and bottled by Romdeluxe. This limited-edition rum is a marvel, distilled in 2023 and aged for 7 months, boasting an impressive 85.3% ABV. Savor an ester-packed journey with a nose that teases with pineapple, lemon, and a hint of nail polish, leading to a palate exploding with overripe, creamy sweetness, and a strong, ester-rich flavor profile. Its exceptional balance and beautifully integrated alcohol defy its high ABV, presenting a smooth, warm finish with lingering notes. Celebrated for its rich funk and complexity after just a short aging period, this rum is a must-try for enthusiasts seeking a high-intensity experience.

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How does this rum taste?

Distillery Series Rum No. 1 TECC wows with its incredible 85.3% ABV nicely integrated, delivering a blast of high-ester funk, fruity esters, and a hint of licorice. An exceptional Jamaican masterpiece that lingers, becoming better with time.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Ester Pineapple Lemon Funky Nail polish Fruity


Ester Creamy Overripe Strong Fruity Sour


Pineapple Dry Warm Marzipan Ester Oily

Community reviews

8.8/1011 ratings
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“02.03.2024 Retasting at Whiskymessen and I stick to my score. ---------------------- #4522 14.12.2023 Went to visit Whisky Watcher in Odense for a very intimate tasting. This one is the bomb. The have hit the mark with the Virgin oak maturing. Very fruity with nice esters and a touch of licorice. The palate is nice and oily with fruits and nice licorice at the end. The finish is very long, dry and warm with stronger licorice notes. Very good ABV integration and beautiful curtains in the glass.”


Ester Fruity Overripe Pineapple Licorice


Round Fruity Overripe Fresh Balanced
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“Tried it at HanseSpirit 2024 and it really blew me away. TECC is a real treat for me anyway, just my thing. And if these crazy high %% are so well integrated, then I should take some more time for it. So I took a small sample with me. Nose: very intense, as expected. Ester with lots of fruit and buttery-caramel sweetness, almost toffee. If you give it some time in the glass, pineapple, passion fruit, kiwi and lemon appear. The lemon is somewhat reminiscent of washing-up liquid. The esters change from nail polish to vinegar to umami and there is even a slight smokiness at the very end. The %% is there, but very well integrated. Wow, 8.8 Palate: fierce, but fiercely good. The most intense esters. More is not possible. 1600! Very astringent, very warm and slightly bitter at the beginning. Then come the overripe fruit components of pineapple and kiwi with citrus. Sweetness of pineapple marzipan, also slightly woody at the back. Sure, the high ABV also burns properly, but overall you don't have the feeling of having over 85% in your mouth. That's why it scores 8.7. Crazy and at the same time great that RdL has the courage to bottle something like this (once again). Thanks for that! Addendum: even after brushing your teeth twice and having a coffee in the morning, you still have these esters in your gums, crazy.”


Intense Funky Concentrated Ester Pineapple


Intense Strong Astringent Funky Warm
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“Dieser LP TECC langt ordentlich zu, aber im Positiven. An der Nase natürlich dominierend Ester und Co. Aber auch feine Fruchtnoten (Zitrus/Papaya) sowie Ingwer-/Maggi-gemisch sind wahrnehmbar. Top. Am Gaumen sind die über 80% nicht wegzudiskutieren, muss aber auch nicht sein. Nach kurzem Biss entwickelt sich eine schöne Funkigkeit aus Ester, sauerer Frucht, jungem Holz und Röstaromen. Das passt. Der Abgang ist ordentlich lang mit einer leichten Süsse. Ein klasse Abfüllung und toller Start in die neue RomdeLuxe-Serie PS: je länger er im Glas verweilt, desto besser wird er. Lasst ihm also etwas mehr Zeit”


Ester Lemon Funky Maggi Ginger


Ester Creamy Strong Astringent Sour

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133 €
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