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Cave Guildive La Favorite Martinique 2017 6yr 65%

RX18236 Very good Rhum Agricole Single Cask 264 bottles Under 100€
“Complex, balanced, earthy, with fruity notes; minimal alcohol burn. Fascinating!”

Discover the enchanting allure of the Martinique rum, a limited edition treasure from the La Favorite distillery, meticulously selected by Cave Guildive. Crafted in 2017 and aged for 6 years, this rum presents a distinct profile cherished by aficionados. Dive into a world where herbal and vegetal notes dance with tropical fruit, complemented by an intriguing hint of glue. On the palate, experience a harmonious blend of fruity, vegetal, and smoky essences, leading to a unique tasting journey. Esteemed for its excellent alcohol integration, this robust 65% ABV rum astonishes with its subtle smokiness and vibrant fruity character. Ideal for those seeking a rum that combines intensity with elegance and complexity, offering a truly exquisite sipping experience.

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How does this rum taste?

The Martinique rum offers a unique profile with earthy cedar, hints of tropical fruit, and a touch of bitterness. Its high ABV is well-integrated, making it enjoyable to explore despite its dominant grassy and herbal notes.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Herbal Vegetal Glue Vanilla Woody Agricole


Fruity Vegetal Tropical fruit Glue Apple Pear


Grass Complex Bitter Medicinal Agricole Young wood

Community reviews

8.2/1011 ratings
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“Tasting at J. B. Labat. Like a vegetable pastry on the nose! Herbs and tropical fruits, vanilla. The palate is marked by vegetal bitterness, like an Italian Amaro. But also delicate floral and fruity notes. A noble bitterness accompanies the entire tasting experience. The finish is long, elegant and complex. The discreet wood appears with elegance. A beautiful, expressive finish and perfect integration of the alcohol. A delicious rum.”


Vegetal Confections Herbal Tropical fruit Vanilla


Bitter Vegetal Tropical fruit
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“#4667 23.03.2024 Relaxing at home after picking up two sets of online tasting in Flensburg. At the same time planning what to bring to Blåvand when I visit a fellow RumX from Germany. Nose Light roasted wood, faint smoke, fruits, light herbs, faint glue, grass, balanced. Palate Balanced, wood, light roasted, Agricole, fruits, light glue, faint smoke, light earthy. Finish Medium long, wood, dried fruit, grass. The empty glass has some tobacco and faint caramel notes.”


Woody Roasted Smoky Herbal Glue


Woody Roasted Glue Fruity Citrus
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“Absolt spezielles Profil, dass ich so noch nicht hatte. Lohnt sich definitiv mal zu probiere. Die eher erdigen Komponenten sind hier absolut im Vordergrund. Es schmeckt nach Zedernholz, Tannennadeln und wie eine holzige Zigarrenschachtel. Hatte zudem den Geschmack von Plasitk und Knettmasse. Zu Beginn fordert das Profil einem kurz, Alkoholintegration ist sehr gut, die 65% sind wenig bemerkbar. Macht sehr viel Spass zu erkunden.”


Earthy Glue Herbal Vegetal Woody


Cedar Root Glue Platsic Cigar

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Rhum Agricole
Made from
Sugar cane juice
Column Still
6 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 100€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

98 €
Ø Market value

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About the La Favorite distillery

The La Favorite distillery is located in Martinique. Rums from La Favorite have been reviewed 1,612 times with an average of 8.2/10.

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