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La Maison & Velier Caroni Navy Rum 100th Anniversary „Replica“ HTR 2000 18yr 51,4%

RX180 Very good Navy Rum 13,654 bottles Above 250€
“Perfect balance of Caroni's rugged charm with surprising fruity sweetness.”

Discover the captivating taste of the Navy Rum 100th Anniversary „Replica“ HTR, a premium rum elegantly crafted by the historic Caroni distillery in Trinidad. This 18-year-old rum, with a limited release of just 13,654 bottles, boasts an exceptional 51.4% ABV and an unparalleled mix of flavors that have been tropically aged to perfection. Expertly selected and bottled by La Maison & Velier, this extraordinary rum delivers a remarkable tasting experience you won't forget. Unveil the irresistible aroma of rubber, tar, leather, vanilla, and barrel that fills the senses as you indulge in this aged masterpiece. On the palate, savor the distinctive flavors of tar, leather, peppery notes, oily texture, and licorice that will leave you wanting more. This rum showcases the perfect balance of Caroni's signature dreckig and fruity profiles, with a subtle touch of diesel and tropical fruits. Enjoy the surprising mildness of the Navy Rum 100th Anniversary „Replica“ HTR, which showcases a harmonious blend of dirtiness, fruit, and wood, creating the ideal entry point for those venturing into the Caroni style. The long-lasting finish combines menthol freshness, licorice pepperiness, and a captivating touch of salty Caroni character. Dive into the world of Caroni rums with the Navy Rum 100th Anniversary „Replica“ HTR, a top choice for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Experience its unique allure and indulge in this truly remarkable rum. Don't miss the chance to taste a piece of Caroni history, while stocks last.

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Where can I buy this rum?

2 shop offers available from 336.00 to 349.90:


  • Tar and leather prominence
  • Balanced dirtiness/fruity profile
  • Harmonious blend of flavors

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The author Steffen Mayer with his book 100% Trinidad Rum

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How does this rum taste?

The "Navy Rum 100th Anniversary „Replica“ HTR" offers a unique mechanic's workshop aroma with touches of tropical fruit and tar. It's a smooth, complex Caroni with a satisfying, long, smoky finish—ideal for both enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Tar Rubber Leather Vanilla Barrel Tropical fruit


Tar Leather Oily Peppery Rubber Licorice


Tar Licorice Woody Barrel Minty Tobacco

Community reviews

8.8/10198 ratings
Community rating
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“Magnificent!On the nose tar, barrel and lightly cherry and vanilla. In the mouth an explosion of perfectly balanced sensations. Still tar, barrel and followed by toastiness and chocolate with a mix of spices.Intense finish that lingers until the next day.In my small way, one of the best rums I have tasted. I assigned 94 because there are too many great rums that I have never tasted and may never taste.”


Tar Barrel Vanilla Cherry


Tar Barrel Earthy Spice Peppery
Profile picture of user

“Epic Velier Caroni Tasting 2023: For me, the remaining value-for-money smash at Caroni. Not the best Velier release, even clearly not, but given the fact that here is a completely tropically aged distillate from the legendary distillery in the glass and continues to be available for a much lower price than the current (continental aged!) Releases, the recommendation remains virtually without alternative.”


Rubber Leather Barrel Polish Vanilla


Tar Rubber Mineral Barrel Allspice
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“Beautiful Caroni nose. Rather dirty, lots of gasoline and gunpowder. Exotic fruits and lime balance with freshness. Of course a bit less intense than its full proof brethren.Crisp and warm in the mouth. No fruit at all, but caramel.Gasoline and spice in the finish.Great drinkable Caroni that has everything a Caroni should have. I like the gasoline notes the best.⛽️⛽️⛽️PLV these days (01/23) a doozy.”


Tar Rubber Warm Nail polish Polish


Crisp Warm Caramelized Coffee Dark chocolate

What are the key facts about this rum?

Navy Rum
Made from
Column Still
18 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

282 €
Ø Market value

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About the Caroni distillery

The Caroni distillery is located in Trinidad. Rums from Caroni have been reviewed 6,323 times with an average of 8.8/10.

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