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The Whisky Jury The Many Faces of Rum 1978 44yr 56,6%

RX17933 Very good Single Cask 251 bottles Above 250€
““Complex and elegant; notes of chocolate, caramel, and aged wood.””

Experience “The Many Faces of Rum,” a 44-year-old Cuban treasure selected by The Whisky Jury. Distilled from molasses and aged in oak barrels, this cask-strength rum (56.6% ABV) intrigues with its complex aromas of dried fruits, leather, and wood, underscored by notes of chocolate and prunes. On the palate, discover roasted and woody flavors with a touch of barrel-aged prunes. Despite its age, the rum maintains a delicate balance of sweetness, vanilla, and spice, with a long, dry finish featuring hints of bittersweet cocoa and old tobacco. Perfect for sipping or pairing with a fine cigar, this limited-release rum (only 251 bottles) showcases the mastery of Cuban rum-making and offers a unique, deeply nostalgic tasting experience.

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  • Complex aromas of dried fruits and leather
  • Well-balanced sweetness, vanilla, and spice
  • Long, dry finish with bittersweet cocoa

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How does this rum taste?

The Many Faces of Rum" offers a complex and rich profile with notes of dried fruit, caramel, wood, and hints of leather. While praised for its elegance and age, some find it lacks depth and a strong finish.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Dried fruit Leather Woody Chocolate Prunes Blackberry


Dried fruit Roasted Woody Barrel Prunes Raisin


Dried fruit Woody Mocha Chocolate Oak Toffee

Community reviews

8.2/1034 ratings
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“Interesting profile that definitely shows its age, but without being overpowering. Chocolate and dried fruit aromas add some sweetness, but remain in the background due to the barrel aromas, milk coffee, leathery meat notes and fresh fruit aromas. Well-balanced and easy to drink, delicious, just a little too little pointed in the individual aromas, which is somewhat at the expense of complexity.”


Blackberry Custard Barrel Strawberry Leather


Barrel Roasted Raisin Sour cherry Cream toffee
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“You have to be strong now: This rum is a bitter disappointment for me and does not live up to my high expectations. While it still gives a hint of its Cuban origins on the nose at the beginning and is quite pleasing, I smell something like thickened, dark cherry juice (syrup, but later sweaty feet), and still maintains the level on the palate at the beginning (without being too weak on the chest for me!), it unfortunately falls off enormously in the finish, which is important for me, as a disgusting resinous note dominates, which strangely reminds me of the failed Virgin Oak experiment RX16012. The nose just about saves the rum in the 70s range. Sorry, but that's my subjective impression, which shouldn't stop you from tasting this Methuselah for yourself. Update 2024-02-06: Tasted the rum again together with Lot-NAS and now have to apologize - at least a little: After a very long time to breathe, the rum seems even more syrupy, as if thickened. I no longer notice the unpleasant resin taste. Conclusion: A beautiful, ancient sipper with unusual power, a flagship of the Spanish style, even if not quite round. Definitely needs a long breath! Update 2024-04-10: Finally direct tasting today against the Cuban 1992 from Wu Dram Clan (RX18823) and the difference could hardly be greater. I see my earlier separate assessments confirmed: They may both come from the same distillery, but where I taste succinctly fine cocoa in the 92, in the 78 it's just penetrating tasting damp, charred wood - like a campfire that was put out yesterday and got rain overnight. The 78 has simply been in the barrel too long.”

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“1000s of tastings... it should be something special... at least that's what I thought. Nose Lots of dried fruit grape, raisin ... Dark chocolate, caramel and a delicious sweetness. Palate Less fruity... Chocolate some coffee and wood .... lots of bitters .... Finish... Wood and bitter notes, somewhat musty. I have to say that I'm a little disappointed. Nose Top Palate Flop probably hits it quite well ... although flop is a bit harsh 🤗 because it tastes good but just not what I expected or hoped for.”


Woody Leather Dried fruit Chocolate Prunes


Dried fruit Woody Barrel Roasted Raisin

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Cask number
Made from
44 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

322 €
Ø Market value

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