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XO Ambre d‘Or Reserve (RX1774)

Introducing the XO Ambre d'Or Reserve, a rare and exceptional rum produced in the Virgin Islands and bottled by independent bottler A.H. Riise. Distilled from molasses, with an ABV of 42% and a limited release of just 2,000 bottles, this rum has garnered attention for its unique and tantalizing aroma and flavor. Users have described it as having sweet, fruity notes of apricot and peaches on both the nose and palate, with hints of caramel and vanilla. While some users enjoyed its sweetness and compared it to a liqueur, others appreciated its fruit-forward profile and pleasant taste. This rum is certainly a must-try for enthusiasts and novice rum lovers alike.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of XO Ambre d‘Or Reserve is based on 75 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The "XO Ambre d’Or Reserve", a molasses-based rum, is an extremely sweet, fruit-driven offering from A.H. Riise, with a dominant peachy note and a rich, almost liqueur-like profile. A choice for those who favour sweetness and fruit over traditional rum characteristics.

Nosing impressions

Sweet Peaches Apricot Orange Vanilla Alcoholic Dried apricot Caramel Sugar Silky

Taste impressions

Sweet Apricot Peaches Caramel Vanilla Brown sugar Toffee Apple Sharpness Dried apricot


Sweet Peaches Fruits Vanilla Sugar Fruitcake Apricot Maple Sharp Nail polish

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How do experts rate this rum?

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How does the community rate this rum?

7.6 /1075 ratings

Community Rating

Already 75 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 7.6 out of 10. A total of 3 users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„Almost like the regular XO bit still too sweet for me. Almost like liquid candy in a kind of way.“


Vanilla Fruits Sweet Caramel Orange


Creamy Orange Vanilla Sweet Candied
Profile picture of user

„Considered a rum-based spirit, this XO juice finished in Sauternes casks is extremely sweet. The nose flirts with fruit brandies like peach and apricot. Vanilla, sugar and caramel are not far behind, hinting at a tampered juice. There's no doubt about it on the palate: the Sauternes cask has taken its toll, resulting in a very syrupy, very sweet juice (sugar addition confirmed) that disrupts the palate. With its syrupy texture, sweet flavors and fruity alcoholic effluvia, this beverage tends to be nauseating after a few sips. The finish is no exception, being relatively short and linear along the same lines. There's a hint of chocolate, honey and cognac, but the taste doesn't change much. A drink where you need to move on quickly to avoid diabetes.“


Fruit schnapps Alcoholic Medicinal Fruity Tropical fruit


Sweet Syrupy Caramel Alcoholic Fruit schnapps
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„Extremely sweet rum, if you can even call it that. The very sweet almost sticky taste covers everything that might taste like rum.“

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„Well, it is just an over-sugared Riise. This one is also very sweet.“


Sweet Alcoholic Synthetic


Sweet Vanilla Sharpness Alcoholic
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„Un des premiers rhums que l’on m’a offert. Depuis que j’ai goûté plein d’autres choses, mon palais a évolué et j’aime ce rhum beaucoup moins qu’avant. Trop sucré et longueur inexistante. Reste agréable et doux en bouche avec son côté liquoreux mais à mettre dans des palais de débutants !“


Peaches Apricot Orange Sweet Syrupy


Apricot Peaches Liqueur Sweet Sugar
Profile picture of user

„Anfangs sehr alkohlisch beim ersten Schnüffeln, lässt aber nach. Aprikose dominiert. Ich muss an Schokoladenrosinen denken. Für mich typisch A.H. Rise. Was man riecht, schmeckt man. Nur statt Pfirsich schmeckt es jetzt nach Aprikose. Genau mein Ding. Eine toller Rum.“


Alcoholic Peaches Caramel Raisin


Apricot Toffee Delicious Fruit schnapps Sharpness
Profile picture of user

„Nope, one of the worst. The taste of riise is there but weirdly twisted with some sort of synthetic sweet flavor I cannot describe. For me this one is a no no. Only positive about this one is a short finish. Thank god for that“


Sweet Apricot Orange Vanilla Dried apricot


Sweet Caramel Vanilla Toffee Brown sugar
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„Wow Aprikose pur sehr lecker“


Dried apricot Sweet Silky Apricot


Dried apricot Caramel Apricot Sweet
Profile picture of user

„Pfirsich pur“


Apricot Peaches Pear


Apricot Peaches Intense
Profile picture of user

„Voni po merunce, do sladka, chutna trochu jako palenka“

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„Zeit mal wieder einen Riise zu probieren. Ich mag Süßrum und da ist natürlich Riise immer eine gute Wahl für mich. Bisher hat mich noch kein Riise enttäuscht, immer süß, aber dazu gibt es viele verschiedene Geschmacksrichtungen, je nach Sorte, von Frucht über Toffee bis zu Schokolade, etc. Alle sind lecker, aber nicht wirklich komplex. Dieser Riise gehört zur Frucht Abteilung. Fruchtig und süß, vor allem dominiert Pfirsich. Relativ mild und es mischt sich noch Toffee Geschmack zwischen den Pfirsich Geschmack. Lecker auf jeden Fall, aber eben halt Riise, da weiß ich nie ob man das wirklich als guten Rum bezeichnen kann.“


Sweet Peaches


Sweet Peaches Toffee
Profile picture of user

„Leider zu süß. Kommt einem Likör ziemlich nahe.“


Profile picture of user

„Rumähnliches Likörgetränk Wie jeder „Rum“ dieser Marke extrem parfümiert und übersüßt. Nicht mit anderen Rums vergleichbar. Nicht zu empfehlen.“

Profile picture of user

„Preis Lwistung Hammer!!!“


Apricot Peaches Dried apricot Floral Caramel

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