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Velier Diamond & Versailles SVSG 1996 18yr 57,9%

RX1724 Excellent Pot & Column Still Rum 570 bottles Above 250€
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How does this rum taste?

An explosion of flavors, the SVSG blend meticulously balances dark, licorice notes with herbal and fruity touches. Its palate surprises with a herb-infused brownie taste, while the finish offers a lingering minty coffee note. A masterful, complex rum.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Prunes Licorice Coffee Polish Clove Burnt sugar


Barrel Prunes Dark chocolate Licorice Burnt sugar Chocolate


Licorice Coffee Dark chocolate Barrel Unknown Vanilla

Community reviews

9.1/1034 ratings
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“A rum that was somewhat under my radar for a long time - but that doesn't do the bottling justice. The <S> Marque by Diamond is quite recognizable thanks to the dominant liquorice notes. The Versailles component comes forward with minerality, plus the oak barrel with its sweet vanilla note. Clearly the best Demerara blend from Velier in my eyes.”


Licorice Vanilla Salty Oak Clove


Barrel Licorice Anise Mocha Vanilla
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“I am impressed! I have not had the rum in the glass for a long time. Meanwhile, I like it even better. Wonderfully complex blend. Currently I feel more Diamond with the typical glue note, molasses, wood, dark dry fruits, less Versailles notes.”

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“A blend that plays on the complementary aromas and opulence of the Demerara style. The alchemy works on the nose, with a dark, chocolatey woodiness that opens with spices (vanilla, cinnamon, licorice) before plunging into the darkness of Demerara: dried fruits (prunes, grapes), black tea, leather, notes of varnish, glue and polish, baked caramel and burnt sugar immerse us in this facet that is as dark as it is gourmand. A generous, refined and unrestrained profile. On the palate, the blend dons its dark cloak, with a strong concentration of roasted, grilled and even burnt aromas. Leather and wood take center stage, but are quickly overtaken by a myriad of spices (cinnamon, licorice, vanilla back in the mix), coffee and dark chocolate. Dried fruit and burnt sugar are there in support, with that pleasant, slightly bitter roasted warmth. The alcohol goes unnoticed in this landscape as dark as it is delicious. The finish, perhaps not as intense as the rest of the profile, nevertheless retains all its splendor with that very dominant dark side. However, black tea and floral notes suddenly emerge to underpin the profile, before fruit and a saline touch finalize the show. The two origins complement each other well, delivering a performance that lives up to expectations: intense, full-bodied and round, this blend is now arousing the curiosity of bottlers who are trying their hand at the exercise with the same combination, without ever managing to match this unicorn.”


Woody Oak Roasted Dark chocolate Coffee


Woody Oak Leather Coffee Roasted

Expert reviews

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Pot & Column Still Rum
Made from
Pot and Column Still
18 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Above 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

1,616 €
Ø Market value

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About the Diamond & Versailles distillery

The Diamond & Versailles distillery is located in Guyana. Rums from Diamond & Versailles have been reviewed 34 times with an average of 9.1/10.

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