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Matusalem Clásico <10yr 40%

RX1628 Pleasant Column Still Rum Under 50€
“Rich vanilla, toasted coconut, balanced woodiness, light texture, and sweet spices.” Download app on app store Download app on google play

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How does this rum taste?

The Matusalem Clásico from the Dominican Republic offers a suave, rounded experience with notes of vanilla, caramel, wood, and toasted coconut. While not complex, it is well-balanced with a touch of sweetness and light spice. Perfect for its price.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Sweet Honey Woody Vanilla Mild Fresh


Caramel Bitter Vanilla Spicy Honey Mild


Woody Warm Tobacco Light Bitter

Community reviews

6.9/1021 ratings
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“Vanilla/caramel voyage 6,5:On the nose, you'll find the whole Spanish style, inviting, suave and rounded. Vanilla and caramel woodiness are omnipresent. It's distributed here with enough force to make this rum a great tasting experience. We don't fall into the sugar trap and enjoy the toasted coconut and nuts that complete the profile. Airing brings out the sweet vanilla to the fore, having carried off a raw, white wood .Some sweet spices can also be noticed. 6,5:The palate confirms that this is a rather serious rum, but not very complex, which has not come to flatter the sweetest palates. There's that typical, sophisticated woodiness, with a little bite, a little sweetness, metallic, balance in short. The texture is fairly light, with no intention of overpowering, but simply satisfying, with that lovely toasted coconut and sweet spices. Some bitter sting arises time to time. 6,2:The finish leaves an impression of tasty wood and a veil of tobacco, a possible invitation to Cohiba.”


Sweet Woody Vanilla Caramel Coconut


Caramel Vanilla Spicy Metallic Bitter
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“06.2024 Erster Eindruck: lieblich, fruchtig, weich, vanillig – sehr angenehm Nase: von allem etwas: gelbe Frucht, Gewürze, Vanille, Honig, Holz – gefällt mir sehr gut Gaumen: Fortsetzung der Nase, jedoch mit einem schönen Kontrast durch gut dosierte Aromen von Tabak, Holz, Gewürzen Abgang: mittel bis lang, angenehm, hier dominieren die holzigen Aromen und ein ganz leichter Anflug von Bitter, der aber gut dazu passt Gesamteindruck: sehr rund, keine Ausreisser-Aromen, gut eingebundener Alkohol, in Mixern wahrscheinlich unauffällig”


Sweet Honey Caramel Vanilla Nutty


Caramel Bitter Vanilla Spicy Honey
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“Smells like disinfectant alcohol. Sharp. Tastes better than it smells”


Alcoholic Medicinal

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Column Still Rum
Made from
Column Still
<10 years
Price range
Under 50€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

28 €
Ø Market value

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About the Matusalem distillery

The Matusalem distillery is located in Dominican Republic. Rums from Matusalem have been reviewed 511 times with an average of 7.0/10.

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