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Romdeluxe Limited Batch Series Ghana ARC 2020 2yr 67,1%

RX16190 Good Pot Still Rum Single Cask 44 bottles Under 250€

Dive into the thrilling depths of the "Limited Batch Series Ghana ARC" rum, a premium selection from the independent bottler, Romdeluxe. This enticing Ghanaian rum, distilled in 2020 using a Pot Still process with Sugar cane juice, provides an exceptional sensory experience, made even more exclusive by its limited release of just 44 bottles. Right from the first note, enjoy an explosion of vegetal and dried fruit aromas mingled with the unmistakeable scent of agricole and chocolate, traced with the potency of its impressive 67.1% ABV. Flavors don't disappoint either, with a delightful parading of sweet, spicy, woody, and dried fruit notes, curated from its 2-year 4-month aging process. The tasting experience of this cask strength rum further unveils a captivating blend of sherry and dark flavors, gradually giving way to a sweeter finish. Expect your palate to dance with the essence of refreshing fruity tones against a backdrop of robust woody spice. This rum's intriguing palate is amplified with a drop of water, revealing floral notes and a rounder fruitier profile. The "Limited Batch Series Ghana ARC" is a true celebration of contrasts - from its dark, raisin-infused, sherry-drenched profile, to a sprightly, agricole finish. Featuring an undertone of ester that lingers, this rum captures the appealing grassy notes typical of an agricole rum. Its unique palette bridges between virgin oak and PX-Sherry, offering an incomparable depth and intensity that belies its young age. The memorable nuance of fresh Grenadill or Rosewood cut adds to its outstanding complexities. Pepper, herbal notes, grape acidity, and a hint of tobacco intertwine with the sweetness, creating an enthralling balance that leaves the taste buds yearning for more. Explore the "Limited Batch Series Ghana ARC" - a dark yet vivid symphony of flavors, an extraordinary rum for the discerning palate. Taste the thrill of limited edition, Pot Still Ghanaian rum, robust and dark, yet refreshingly sweet and agricole. Drink in the sensory spectacle that is the perfect blend of wood and raisins, of cask-strength boldness and a whisper of ester that stays with you long after the last drop.

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How does this rum taste?

The Limited Batch Series Ghana ARC, with an ABV of 67.1%, boasts a distinct blend of flavors. Its potent Sherry notes might overwhelm the rum's fruitiness for some. However, its hidden depths of spice and dark chocolate captivate others, resulting in a uniquely intriguing profile.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Dried fruit Vegetal Smoky Alcoholic Sherry Vanilla


Sweet Spicy Fruity Woody Dried fruit Grapes


Ester Marzipan Vegetal Young wood Raisin Warm

Community reviews

7.9/1014 ratings
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“Die Nase ist eigentlich vielversprechend….aber, selbst hier ist der Alkohol deutlich wahrnehmbar… und am Gaumen..überdeckt er leider die dezent wahrnehmbaren vielfältigen Frucht- und Gewürzaromen, schade… Potenzial hat er allemal”


Vegetal Alcoholic Chocolate Smoky Vanilla


Spicy Raisin Grapes Sherry Pungent
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“Lecker und vollmundig aber auch partiell unrund und ruppig.”


Dark Vegetal Vanilla Dried fruit Smoky


Spicy Sweet Fruity Woody Raisin
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“An "exciting" bottling. Unlike many bottlings from Ghana, the crass esters do not immediately predominate here, which leaves me a bit surprised at first. After the initial astonishment, however, I then discover a hint of it behind a good layer of spice, raisins and other dark notes. There must have been a lot of sherry in the ex-sherry cask here, which strictly speaking is no longer a finish, but a thick one. There is little of the original rum to be discovered, only when you have penetrated the "comforting" layer of sherry do you find something reminiscent of Nanny 2, Cudjoe or the Honeybadger. Especially late on the palate and in the finish, tangy fruity notes come through, but they can easily be mistaken for a pungent alcohol sharpness. Excitingly, a hint of ester remains, especially long after swallowing. Blindly, I might have even put this rum after Madeira, as the combination of the esters with the sherry also provides a grassy, slightly agricolic note. Somehow exciting, but still clearly too much finish for me.”


Sherry Agricole Vegetal Dried fruit Chocolate


Sweet Grapes Raisin Dried fruit Medicinal

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Limited Batch Series
Pot Still Rum
Made from
Sugar cane juice
Pot Still
2 years 4mo
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

106 €
Ø Market value

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