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Cuba Ron S.A. Eminente Confrérie du Rhum x Excellence Rhum (Batch 1) (RX16159)

Experience the distinctive flavor blend of the Eminente Confrérie du Rhum x Excellence Rhum selected from the Cuba Ron S.A. distillery. This Cuban rum showcases a fresh and invigorating profile with an intriguing mix of woody, fruity and nutty undertones. The initial aroma unfolds a sophisticated scent of vanilla, caramel, and wood that tickles the curiosity of rum enthusiasts. Extended moments of breathing enhance the aroma, making it more enticing and hinting at the exceptional taste experience that awaits. This is a rum that doesn’t rush its performance and rewards patience. On the palate, the rum excels with a sweet and fruity taste laced with spicy inflections. Its light woody aspect is superbly countered by a sweet and fruity touch, presenting a delightful balance for the senses. Swift transitions to the playful edge of spiciness and nutty undertones make every sip an adventure. This meticulously distilled rum from molasses captivates with its potent presence, demonstrating the beauty of full proof aging. Peppery heat and fragrant spices dance on the tongue, before settling into a deeply satisfying richness, reminiscent of honey, mild chocolate, and the decadent sophistication of leather. Suitable to be enjoyed alone or paired with a Cuban cigar, the Eminente Confrérie du Rhum x Excellence Rhum presents a vibrant palette of flavors that promises an unforgettable tasting experience. Order your limited release bottle now and uncover the secrets of this unique 10-year-old rum from Cuba.

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What does this rum taste like?

The flavor profile of Eminente Confrérie du Rhum x Excellence Rhum (Batch 1) is based on 35 user reviews. We have compiled and summarized the community's tasting notes for you, to give you an impression of the aroma and taste of the rum:

The Eminente Confrérie du Rhum x Excellence Rhum, while atypical for a Cuban rum, impresses with its intriguing interplay of flavors. Its notes of fruit, chocolate, caramel, and roasted aromas strike a harmonious balance, amounting to a potent and expressive Cuban rum.

Nosing impressions

Vanilla Caramel Woody Fruity Fresh Lemon Round Citrus OrangePeal Balanced

Taste impressions

Caramel Spicy Roasted Fruity Vanilla Nutty Woody Hazelnut Lemon Sweet


Vanilla Woody Nutty Spicy Sweet Dark chocolate Fruity Roasted Earthy Warm

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How does the community rate this rum?

8.0 /1035 ratings

Community Rating

Already 35 registered users have rated and tested this rum, leaving an average rating of 8.0 out of 10. A total of users have marked this rum as their favorite (9+ points).

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„The Eminente Millesime 2012 not only met our expectations, but far exceeded them. With its aroma and flavor profile, it offers a fascinating and refreshing alternative to the often monotonous offerings of Cuban rums.“


Lemon OrangePeal Woody Vanilla Fresh


Fruity Woody Caramel Spicy Hazelnut
Profile picture of user

„So this is how a rum tastes that consists of 100% aguardiente (a first for a Cuban distillate, as far as I know). And indeed: Something comparable I had not yet in the glass. Blind I would not have been able to assign the rum at all. In this first tasting, I focused on finding differences between Batch 1 and Batch 2. And they are indeed there: While Batch 1 gets going right away fruity-floral on the nose, Batch 2 is clearly more timid, more discreet. On the palate, however, it's the other way around: Batch 1 tends to confirm the impression gained on the nose, coming across like a light rum in a summer meadow with a gentle breeze blowing over it. Batch 2 is different: While Batch 1 seems somehow slightly broad, Batch 2 is clearly more astringent and has more depth, more wood and tobacco. At the latter, you could perhaps recognize the Cuban DNA - but also only maybe. Overall, both are solid rums and which one is more palatable, is probably dependent on the day or what weight you attach to the olfactory impression. Because of the interesting transformation from the nose to the palate, Batch 2 is a point ahead for me today. As I said, a very exciting bottling of Excellence Rhum and La Confrérie du Rhum. But if one wanted to dare at least a geographical comparison: Both batches do not yet reach the long-stored consistently exquisite 98s from Sanct Spíritus ((Cuba).“

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„Aromatic Cuban. Makes really fun!“

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„Beautiful nose. Glue, fresh, green apples, fruity, vanilla and caramel. Fine spice and orange peel. In the mouth a touch woodier, dried fruit and citrus. Good finish. Overall warm, powerful and very balanced. Very drinkable. A positive surprise from Cuba. More of it please!!! At the turntable: Arsenio Rodriguez and Chano Pozo. Thanks to Bonn!“


Glue Green apple Apple Fruity OrangePeal


Dried fruit Lime Bergamot Caramel Roasted
Profile picture of user

„At the first tasting I was almost a little disappointed, whether the hype about the first full proof Eminente. Meanwhile (after the third tasting) I discover but more and more facets. On the nose quite fruity, a little after quince compote, plus caramel candy, wood barrel, floral notes. On the palate toasty, malty. Since he was expressly advertised as a recommendation to the (Cuban) cigar, now also the test with a Romeo y Julieta: The two harmonize well with each other.“

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„#4129 This one was a very nice surprise and the price tag is really good compared to what you get. A well rounded Cuban rum with fruits and light wood and a spicy palate. The overall profile is really nice and the ABV well integrated. Nice curtains in the glass and the empty glass has some orange and banana.“


Woody Fresh Vanilla Lemon Caramel


Woody Fruity Sweet Round Lemon
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„Some wood, lots of alcohol. Tastes like fusel in the finish. The price is completely exaggerated for such a bottling. For 60€ the bottle would have a raison d'être. Nevertheless, an interesting expansion of the horizon, from Cuba there are no modern single casks.“

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„I somehow hoped for more of since I like the normal eminente really well. I am disturbed here this quite dominant acid...“


Woody Green apple Caramel Vanilla Grapefruit


Caramel Sour Hazelnut Lemon Tobacco
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„Endlich ein Cubaner mit ordentlich % und Charakter. Nase: intensiv, zu Beginn alkoholisch frisch und sehr blumig-fruchtig. Süße Aprikose, säuerlich-süße Kiwi, Passionsfrucht und grüner Apfel, gepaart mit Veilchen. Sehr süßer Beiklang von Zuckersirup. Dahinter Karamell und viel Vanille. Die noch immer vorhandene alkoholische Frische geht in Metallisches über. Unverkennbarer spanischer Stil, aber von der guten, intensiven Art. 8,1 Gaumen: hier ist der Alkohol etwas geschmeidiger eingebunden. Zu Beginn bitter und fruchtig-würzig. Zitronenschale mit Sauerkirsche. Sehr metallisch, pfeffrig mit etwas Muskat. Noch nicht ganz reife Haselnuss hinten raus. Im Nachgang wird er blumiger und bekommt noch Aprikose hinzu. 7,7 Wirklich mal ein guter „Standard“-Cubaner. Gut zum pur genießen, bestimmt sehr gut in Cocktails und besser als alle anderen bisher probieren Cubaner, abgesehen von einigen Sankti Spiritus…“


Fruity Flowery Apricot Violet Syrupy


Fruity Spicy Floral Bitter Metallic
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„This is the first Cuban rum that I really like. It is much more present and versatile in terms of aromas.“

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„For me, the most potent Cuban so far. Let stand for fifteen minutes, then plums, prune and something lemony are released. Also wood, acidic coffee and what I would call sweet sunflower seeds. Really interesting.“

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„Quite exciting and gets better when he is allowed to breathe. Nose promises more than the rum can hold. On the palate then but classic Spanish style. Surprisingly sweet. Alcohol is well integrated.“


Fruity Citrus OrangePeal Balanced Round


Sweet Demerara sugar Roasted Caramel Vanilla
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„Wow, Überraschung aus Kuba! Sehr lecker und harmonischer Mix aus Frucht, Schokolade, Karamell und Röstaromen. Gute Trinkstärke, vielleicht ist der Preis etwas hoch, aber das Gesamtpaket ist solide.“


Dark chocolate Milk chocolate Caramel Fruity Vanilla


Sweet Caramel Demerara sugar Spicy Lemon
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„It's unlike any Cuban I've had. Heavier. Dirtier. More expressive. Real depth and richness. Floral honey. Vanilla. Peppery spice. Mildly medicinal. A little chocolate. Leather. Candied peanuts. Brown sugar. Yet out in the sunshine with a cooling breeze there manages to be a light and fruity element to the nose. The palate brings out fragrant spices and a fair bit of peppery heat. It almost carries the character of a well aged Bellevue 1998. Back end sees an almost grainy unrefined sugar note creep in“

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„Der erste Cubanische Rum mit dem ich pur etwas anfangen kann.“

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What are the key data of the rum?

Cask number
Made from
Column Still
10 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 100€

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About the Cuba Ron S.A. distillery

The distillery Cuba Ron S.A. is located in Cuba. Rums from Cuba Ron S.A. have been reviewed 279 times with an average of 7.6/10.

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