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Swell de Spirits West Indies Flashback Series 2-07 1996 61,9%

RX15671 Very good Single Cask Under 250€
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How does this rum taste?

The Flashback Series 2-07 from Barbados offers a complex yet subtle profile. Aromatic with hints of coconut, vanilla, and spices, its high ABV packs punch but may overwhelm. Best enjoyed with a splash of water to unveil its layered character.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Vanilla Woody Coconut Caramel Spice Dried fruit


Woody Vanilla Coconut Caramel Strong Sweet


Woody Vanilla Caramel Roasted Spicy Nutty

Community reviews

8.2/1047 ratings
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“I don't really warm up to this WIRD... the nose is smoky, bacony mixed with pastry, the woody roasted dominates with some catamel and pepper... it's certainly good, but not mine Second time in the glass today... and my opinion doesn't change... we don't go together”


Vanilla Pastries Smoky Bacon Butterscotch


Woody Roasted Caramel Banana Strong
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“I didn’t take any notes at the Rhum Fest so a more detailed review will follow as soon as I get the chance to sample this rum again in a better context. I finally managed to sample this rum a second time and have to say that I’m less enthusiastic about it than at the rhum fest. Lowering my note from 84 to 79 as it makes for a decent sipper but lacks depth and complexity.”


Woody Vanilla Coconut Dried fruit Caramel


Vanilla Caramel Woody Coconut Sweet
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“Nez très gourmand même si l'alcool se fait bien sentir. Coco, vanille, bois, épices. C'est engageant. En bouche, c'est chaud et épicé. Le boisé est franc accompagne la vanille, la coco. L'alcool est très présent, trop pour moi, et je le préfère avec une goutte d'eau. Finale plutôt longue. Agréable malgré l'alcool qui aurait pu être mieux intégré. Édit : testé avec un peu d'eau pour le ramener à 55% et je le trouve bien plus agréable. L'alcool est encore très piquant mais laisse plus de place à de la vanille, à un boisé élégant, une coco discrète.”


Woody Coconut Vanilla Spice Caramel


Woody Caramel Coconut Vanilla Strong

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Made from
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Under 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

188 €
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About the West Indies distillery

The West Indies distillery is located in Barbados. Rums from West Indies have been reviewed 3,035 times with an average of 7.9/10.

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