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Ron Colón Salvadoreño Rumzcal (Blue Label) 49,5%

RX15661 Good Rumverschnitt

Discover the unique allure of Ron Colón Salvadoreño Rumzcal (Blue Label), an intriguing blend from El Salvador that's acquiring a loyal fan base. First seduced by a smoky funk aroma, users commonly noted layers of molasses, vanilla, and alluring burnt sugar on the nose. As you taste, prepare to be whisked away on an exciting journey, ignited by an intense and memorable flavor profile. Relish the rich, creamy toffee nuances complemented by a dynamic funk smoke twist. Tropical hints of pineapple and banana are met with the sweetness of cotton candy, a captivating fusion that keeps you wanting more. With a medium lingering finish where tropical fruits blend flawlessly with wood polish and a sweep of sweetness, this rum captivates tastebuds. Perfect for fearless explorers seeking new and interesting territories in the rum world, Ron Colón Salvadoreño Rumzcal (Blue Label) offers an experience like no other.

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“Nose: smoky funk, molasses, soil from fireplace, vanilla, burnt sugar Taste: intense, creamy toffee, funky smoke (smoked fermentes vwgetables), pineapple/banana, cotton candy Finnish:medium long, at the beginning mix of teopical fruits and wood. Polish, later just sweetnes Very interesting maybe not complex, but intwresting nonetheless”

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“First of all, you can feel the frets”

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Ron Colón
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