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Worthy Park Jamaica WPH 2021 Unaged 57%

RX15547 Good White Rum Under 100€
“Funky, fruity, great for cocktails, especially with grapefruit. Surprisingly complex.”

Explore the robust and funky flavor profile of Jamaica WPH, a unique rum offering from Worthy Park distillery in Jamaica. Bottled by 1423 World Class Spirits, it's produced from molasses using a Pot Still and remains unaged, delivering a captivating raw experience. Experience a nose filled with grass, pineapple, floral notes, and a distinct freshness. The flavor indicates a fusion of overripe, funky freshness with tangible grass and pineapple tones. Some users even find hints of creamy banana, zesty lime, and ripe stone fruit. Delectably complex, it transforms from its bold, fruit-forward aroma to a mellow palate, making it perfect for sipping straight or mixing in your favorite cocktail. Try it in a Daiquiri or mix with grapefruit for an aromatic delight. Unleash your adventurous side with Jamaica WPH- a rum that embodies the spirit of Jamaica.

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How does this rum taste?

Jamaica WPH packs a punch with its unaged, funky essence. Dominated by overripe, almost rotting fruit notes, it's challenging yet intriguing. Best enjoyed in a cocktail, where its complex, metallic, and fruity flavors shine, especially with a hint of grapefruit or in a Daiquiri.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Grass Pineapple Funky Floral Overripe Banana


Overripe Funky Ester Fresh Grass Pineapple


Banana Earthy Molasses Fresh Metallic

Community reviews

7.5/1019 ratings
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“#4016 This is a very nice unaged rum and I'd prefer it in a mixer or maybe on the rocks. Can be enjoyed pure as well and the longer it is rested the more flavours appear.”


Fresh Grass Pineapple Fruity Funky


Fresh Grass Pineapple Overripe Funky
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“This one is very metallic, which then goes into fermented fruit notes / pineapple, coconut.To enjoy pure, I find the now not so great, however, I have already had the in the daiquiri and there he makes himself super !And to mix this rum series is also meant.”

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“Hallo Kompost. Das Ding ist schon wirklich eine Ansage aus mehr als überreif. Insbesondere eine fast faulige Fleischnote sticht hervor. Das ist nicht schlecht, aber ich würde es mal 'herausfordernd' nennen. Geschmacklich dann zahmer, Cremig und deutlich fruchtiger zäher Süße. Gefällt mir so massiv besser als in der Nase. Banane, Ananas und Steinfrucht tun sich hier hervor. Schön funky sobald Limette und Süße dran kommen.”


Overripe Vegetal Funky Grass Banana


Overripe Funky Banana Pineapple Ester

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What are the key facts about this rum?

White Rum
Made from
Pot Still
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 100€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

59 €
Ø Market value

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About the Worthy Park distillery

The Worthy Park distillery is located in Jamaica. Rums from Worthy Park have been reviewed 3,654 times with an average of 8.0/10.

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