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Nobilis Diamond No. 33 (Rums of Anarchy) SV 2005 17yr 60,9%

RX15205 Very good Single Cask 160 bottles Under 250€

Introducing the exceptional "No. 33 (Rums of Anarchy) SV," a premium 17-year-old rum produced at the renowned Diamond Distillery in Guyana. This limited-edition gem, bottled by Nobilis Rum, showcases an exquisite flavor profile tailored for the true rum connoisseur. With only 160 bottles available, don't miss your chance to taste this rare masterpiece. Savor the enticing and complex aroma of this cask strength rum (60.9% ABV), which features notes of rich woody oak, refreshing menthol, spicy gingerbread, sweet plum, and indulgent mocha. The palate boasts a distinctive blend of woody undertones, minty freshness, nuttiness, classic cola, and a pleasing touch of sourness, ensuring an unforgettable tasting experience. The "No. 33 (Rums of Anarchy) SV" offers a superbly balanced single cask experience that has evolved beautifully through oxidation since its initial opening. Its impressive flavor journey captivates with a delectable mix of empyreumatic, medicinal, and spiced notes. The generously long finish leaves a lasting impression of pine, roast coffee, and a hint of vegetal essence. Celebrate the fifth year anniversary of Rums of Anarchy with this luxurious rum, complete with a stunning packaging that honors its origin and heritage. Experience the skillful craftsmanship and timeless flavors of the "No. 33 (Rums of Anarchy) SV," a true delight for rum enthusiasts worldwide.

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How does this rum taste?

The No. 33 "Rums of Anarchy" SV offers a harmonious blend of enticing flavors. The nose promises indulgent banana flambe, vanilla, and distinct wood notes. Palate energized with nutty, chocolate, caramel tastes, it concludes with a coconut, coffee, and spices driven moderately long finish.

Most frequently mentioned flavors


Woody Smoky Menthol Gingerbread Plum Mocha


Woody Minty Cola Nutty Sour Charred


Woody Sap Molasses Thick Ginger Cardamom

Community reviews

8.5/1022 ratings
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“Nez très boisé et mentholé. Du café. Un fruit compoté type abricot. Des tannins. Un alcool sec. En bouche, c'est lourd, puissant, boisé. Collé au sol. Poivré. Mais malgré tout gourmand, sucré, caramélisé et super agréable. Une légère note végétale en fin de bouche pour moi. Finale boisée, un peu amère. Belle longueur. Devrait s'arrondir en s'oxydant. Ça sera encore meilleur. Édit : après quelques semaines la bouteille a déjà évolué. Plus accessible. Moins brut. Plus expressif. Très agréable. Édit 2 : typiquement le genre de rhum qui gagne à rester un peu dans sa bouteille. Ma dernière dégustation aura peut-être été la meilleure. Le rhum s'est arrondi. Le fruit très compoté est très présent. Le bois plus fondu. Top !”


Woody Menthol Coffee Apricot


Woody Minty Smoky Peppery Caramel
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“The nose is very greedy. We are clearly on a molasses rum. We find some nice woody, minty freshness but especially flambéed banana. Behind, we find vanilla and shavings of pencils finely sharpened! A very promising nose. In the mouth, there is some pep ... normal at 60.9% and for this type of range of rum. We find elegant woody, nuts, empyreumatic notes but especially licorice/smoke. It is chocolatey and caramelized in profusion! A medium/long finish with coconut, coffee and spices is rather dry. A nice well balanced BDF single cask. Some may say that it is a bit rough but I like it. And it will only get better with the oxidation after opening. What more could you ask for! And what about the packaging: Belgian flag, ROA logo and prestige box. Congratulations to you Salva and Alain for this achievement. And as they say, never 2 without 3 ...”

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“Very good molasses rum. Personally, I love it. The watts are very well integrated. Rich and complex, lots of aromas, it's happiness 🤩😍🤩”

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What are the key facts about this rum?

Made from
17 years
No. of bottles
Bottle volume
Price range
Under 250€
Type of spirit

What is the price trend for this rum?

139 €
Ø Market value

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About the Diamond distillery

The Diamond distillery is located in Guyana. Rums from Diamond have been reviewed 2,650 times with an average of 8.3/10.

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